Are Electric Fireplaces Safe? [Safety Guides Mentioned]

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe

Are you worried about the safety of electric fireplaces?

Don’t worry! They are entirely safe. 

With improper use of electric appliances, there can arise many issues but electric fireplaces are very safe to use. Many people choose an electric fireplace over the traditional fireplace as there’s no real flame or burning of solid fuels and gases. 

Let’s discuss this in more detail in this article. 

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Yes, electric fireplaces are safe. But let’s deep dive and know why. 

No Byproducts 

Instead of burning solid fuels, wood, or gases, you can simply set up electric fireplaces that run on electricity and are safe to use in your homes. 

Therefore no emissions will be produced in the homes endangering your family.

No more Combustions

An electric fireplace is usually safer than other fireplaces because there is no real flame, and no harmful byproducts can be produced. They are also more environmentally friendly and require relatively little work. Some fireplaces are so natural that they have most realistic flames present to give all vibe.

If electric fireplaces are correctly installed, there is nothing in the actual heater that can cause a fire. 

Operates on Low Temperature 

Electric fireplace operates at a very low temperature compared to wood and gas fireplaces. 

This protects your children and pets from accidental touch ensuring bad burns.

Right Model and Installation

Choosing a suitable model according to your house space is a good idea. Proper installation should be done for the electric fireplace so that internal heating elements should not catch fire.  

Is Electric Fireplace Safe than Real Fireplace?

This depends on how you follow recommendations and protocols. Though you will always find positives of electric fireplaces over real fireplaces. These are the positives –

Supervision of Fire

You can’t leave that place unattended if you have an open wood-burning fireplace. If protocols are not followed, then chances are there for accidents. Keeping children and pets away from the fire is a constant responsibility.

Even a tiny flicker of fire on carpets or curtains can start a large fire. This is not the case with electric fireplaces. 

Area Selection 

In the case of wood and gas fireplaces, at the time of installation, you need to select a proper area and clear up some objects near the fireplace that can catch fire. 

With an electric fireplace, you don’t need to worry about this, as most models are safe to place near carpets, furniture, or another flooring. 

Chimney Check 

You must check the chimney frequently if you have a wood or gas fireplace. If blockages or dirt is found in the chimney, then toxic air can circulate in your home. 

With an electric fireplace, you don’t need any type of ventilation as it’s an electric appliance. You will save a lot of money on sweeping and cleaning services. 

Is it Safe to Leave an Electric Fireplace Overnight?

Many options in the market are designed to run 24/7; if you have this, then no problem. Other electric fireplaces are designed to run only for a few hours.

The newer model comes with a toggle switch which helps the user to shut down quickly when it becomes too hot in the room. 

One with a timer model is handy for users who love to sleep keeping the fireplace on. This will automatically switch off the electric fireplace after a certain period. 

Keeping an electric fireplace on overnight can still cause problems as it’s an electric appliance. They can come up with issues anytime. So it’s smart to stay awake and aware while your electric fireplace is on. 

When are Electric Fireplaces not Considered Safe?

Although electric fireplaces are incredibly beneficial and safe, some points make electric fireplaces unsafe too!

They are –

  1. When the inlet or outlet is blocked or is facing some clogging, it may give rise to overheating of your electric fireplace, leading to bigger, scarier mishaps.
  2. Models priced low may not be as safe as you want them to be and lead to damage to property or life.
  3. Leaving your electric fireplace unattended for quite a long time poses risky threats, and make sure you keep your kids, elders, and pets away from it, as all electric fireplaces may not be cool to touch.
  4. Having anything flammable near the setup of an electric fireplace makes it 10 times unsafe for you, so maintain proper distance between all your electric products.
  5. Also, if any of the components become loose or worn out, they may malfunction, resulting in your electric fireplace acting out or causing severe trouble.

Safety Tips for Electric Fireplaces 

Electric fireplaces tend to be very safe in general, but here are some of the safety tips to look for –

  1. Make sure the model you buy has been certified by ETL or UL as safe. It will be listed on your model, on its packaging, and even in the manual given to you by the manufacturer. Search for it to feel completely secure.
  2. Verify if your electric fireplace supports outdoor usage, and if it does not, never, I repeat, never use it because if you do, you will lose it.
  3. Keep all the objects, especially flammable ones, at least 3 feet or more from your electric fireplace.
  4. Check if your inlet or outlet is blocked or clogged, and in case it is, turn off your electric fireplace first and then cleans it. This will allow the air to move freely again, making your electric fireplace brilliant as it was.
  5. When not using your electric fireplace, turn the plug off without forgetting it. Also, ensure the model you buy is cool to the touch, as this feature will remove any harm or risk posed to children, elders, and pets.


Electric fireplaces, for the majority, are incredibly safe. 

Keep in mind the points that make them unsafe, and voila! You will be free of risks and even their possibilities. 

You will be utterly secure around your beautiful electric fireplace, enjoying its warmth at all times.


Are Flames of Electric Fireplaces Dangerous?

No, there are no flames in electric fireplaces. There is not even a flicker of fire present. The only energy is provided by the electricity, which heats the electric fireplace’s heating elements.

Even you can touch the fireplaces without worrying about bad burns as they are complete illusions. But this doesn’t make it safe, as an electric fireplace emits heat through vents.

Are there any Environmental Benefits to Using Electric Fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are also more environmentally friendly and require relatively little work. After some research, you can find most energy efficient electric fireplaces which are better than other types of fireplaces and do not produce any harmful byproducts when they are in use.

Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Safe?

Yes! Electric fireplace inserts are very safe if you install and operate them per the manual’s mentioned instructions. They are considered one of the safest sources of warmth as they do not produce a real flame or release harmful and toxic gasses in the environment when used.


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