Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [8 Quick Fixes]

Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting

Febo flame electric fireplace specializes in providing realistic flames and an aesthetic to light your whole room up!

Although the Febo flame electric fireplace can be installed in place of your old traditional fireplace, it is prone to some of the issues we will discuss in detail alongside their solutions.

Stick until the end to keep your Febo flame electric fireplace in the best condition no matter the issue!

Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting: Working Solutions

Here I mentioned the solutions to the problems that Febo Flame Electric Fireplace owners face. If your problems are related to error then you can check out troubleshooting error code guide.

Remote control is not working. 

The first thought that can enter your mind is that maybe the battery has served its purpose and time, and you need to get a new one or that the battery has been damaged. One or more of the buttons on your remote are not functioning correctly or have stopped functioning altogether.

The cases may also be that your remote has not been well-programmed, and signals may have difficulty reaching the fireplace.


Yes, inspect and if needed, replace the batteries before thinking of other solutions.

Make sure you insert them correctly and test them out, see if the problem is resolved and while buying batteries, make sure you buy the one with the correct power supply specifications.

Ensure that the manual switch is turned off as it overrides the signals you command from your remote control. After turning the manual switch off, press the ON button on your remote control.

Maintain a distance so that the remote control’s signals are captured and reacted to by the febo flame electric fireplace.

Replacing your remote control is the only option, if none of the above solutions work.

Here’s Febo Electric Fireplace Remote Control replacement.

Flame is absent 

If you notice that when you operate your Febo flame electric fireplace, the flame effect doesn’t work, that is a severe issue.

The flame effect may be absent due to its dimmer control button being too low, or the LED strip may cause problems as it stops working.

Also, sometimes loose connections due to open wiring cause this issue.


Start by readjusting the dimmer control button to increase the light emitted by the flame effects.

Call customer care or contact a professional if the LED strip seems problematic and may need to be repaired or replaced.

You should call a professional to look over the loose connection and not fix it yourself. 

Fire Flames but no heat

You can also face the issue where even though your Febo flame electric fireplaces’ flame effect works, no heat is transmitted.

This can happen when your heating element gets damaged or even burned. Loose and damaged wirings, and problems in thermostat wirings, cause this issue significantly as well.


First of all, set the temperature of your thermostat appropriately. (Opt for a higher temperature level than the room you are currently in.)

Contact the manufacturer if the heating element is a damaged or burned component.

Make sure no loose connections are left and tighten and replace the damaged ones if necessary.

Febo Fireplace Light bulb not working 

Here, this issue may arise due to the tripping of a circuit breaker, which causes the problem of motor flame in your Febo flame electric fireplace.

Check if wires or cables have loose connections causing your light bulb not to glow.

There might also be issues that need to be looked at by a professional as they can be too mechanical for you.


Inspect your circuit breaker thoroughly, then move to the inspection of other parts.

You might need to replace the light bulb to make the flames work again on your Febo flame electric fireplace.

It can also be the case that your Febo flame electric fireplace uses LED lights, which may be damaged or faulty, needing to be repaired or replaced.

Normally Electric Fireplaces uses 40 watt clear, chandelier or candelabra E-12 light bulbs.

Here’s a best bulb replacement for Febo Flame Electric Fireplaces.

The fireplace Won’t turn off.

Your Febo flame electric fireplace won’t turn off due to sensor damage.

You can further check if the issues are caused to loose connectors in the control panel of the fireplace. (This can be the case if your fireplace is a bit old)


You can take care of this issue by simply resetting your Febo flame electric fireplace by unplugging it for a while (5-10minutes) then, you have to replug it and check if this has resolved your issue.

If the above solution doesn’t work, inspect profoundly and see if the connections of your control panel are loose, which would then need to be tightened or replaced.

Fireplace shuts automatically 

If your Febo flame electric fireplace keeps shutting off automatically and constantly, there’s a problem with the feature of overheating protection of the fireplace unit.

This issue can be caused due to improper working of the remote control panel. 

Also, tripping the house circuit breaker causes the fireplace to shut off. (Overloading of the circuit can cause the breaker to flip by itself)


Check if the issue gets resolved by restarting your electric fireplace.

Check the batteries of your remote and if needed, replace the complete set of remote control for no issues in the future.

Properly clean areas around both inlet and outlet to ensure no blockage causing this issue.

The house’s circuit breaker can also be reset to make this issue disappear and set an appropriate thermostat dialer.

Extra Noise of Heater

Sometimes your heater may produce a noise that is loud and irritating to hear.

This excessive and loud noise comes from the heater due to some dirt or stuck in it, leading to this issue.

A defective heater is also a possibility that can cause this issue. 


Cleaning all the possibly formed clogs and debris is a step you can take to tackle and overcome this issue.

Tight all the bolts, nuts, and screws, and also seek professional help in inspecting the flame reflector as it may need to be repaired or replaced.

Contact the manufacturer in case these solutions do not work.

Ember Bed is glowing, but no flames.

This issue of the ember bed glowing without flames is caused by no connection between the spinner spindle and the motor.

When your flame motor stops running, this issue may arise as well.


It is suggested that this delicate issue should be solved by handing it over to professionals by contacting your Febo flame electric fireplace manufacturer.

This would fix all your problems and make your Febo flame electric fireplace run as smoothly as possible!

FAQs on Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting

Why does my Febo fireplace keep shutting off?

Blockage of inlets and outlets caused by dirt and debris and defects in the heater can be why your Febo flame electric fireplace keeps shutting off over and over.


  1. Our unit heats on high for a while and then shutoff. The unit is in a very large great room and will not heat again until the following day. The unit is approximately 3 years old being used from November to March. I can submit photos upon request

  2. Our unit is approx. 3 years old. It is a large great room. We turn on the unit to high and in a short time it shuts off. It will not come back on until the next day.

  3. Our unit is approximately 3 years old. It is in a large great room. We turn the unit on in the evening and in a short time it turns off. It will not come back on until the following day.

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  6. Febo Electric Fireplace flame light won’t turn off. I’ve had my Electric fireplace for 7 years and have love using it every cold season! I change the bulbs now this. Any and all help will be appreciated.

  7. Well I’m on here because heater has started turning after about a minute. Some of the same as above. It would be nice if the company actually replied to the problems so we could read their response.

  8. My fireplace started turning off on its own then stopped coming on altogether. Anyone know what the issue could be?

  9. I have a FEBO insert electric fireplace & media center purchased at Lowes, Montoursville, PA. Item #0574320 & model #13-1-002-045A. When first turned on it heats about 15 minutes then shuts off. Is it possible to replace the control panel ? It was purchased 11/16/`14 and has always worked great. PLZ HELP

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