Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting [Working Solutions]

Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting

Twin Star Electric Fireplaces are known for making your room beautiful and perfectly heated. 

With their great features that depict realism, they also face some issues that make one angry.

Let’s discuss what these issues are and what solutions we have that will make your Twin Star Electric Fireplace run smoothly again.

Twin Star Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting: Working Solutions

Here I mentioned the solutions to the problems that Twin Star Electric Fireplace owners face.

Fireplace Keeps shutting off.

Due to its overheating protection feature, your Twin Star Electric Fireplace will keep turning itself off

This is due to the temperature you set in the thermostat as when that specified temperature is reached, this overheats protection feature will kick in and shut off your Twin Star Electric Fireplace.


The first and the most obvious solution is to re-adjust your thermostat temperature, so the overheat protection feature doesn’t shut off your Twin Star Electric Fireplace automatically.

You can try unplugging and plugging your Twin Star Electric Fireplace after letting it cool for some time and then verify if the issue is resolved.

The fireplace Doesn’t turn on.

First and foremost, ensure that you have turned on the Twin Star Electric Fireplace.

If the socket where you insert your fireplace’s plug is defective or damaged, your fireplace won’t turn on.

Tripping of the fuse box or the breaker may occur, causing this error.


Replace the damaged breaker or the fuse box, which can cause this problem, as mentioned above.

Plug in your Twin Star Electric Fireplace in an outlet that is not damaged and then turns the switch on.

The fireplace is not turning off.

You will face this issue when your cord or power cord gets too firm or strained.

This issue is also commonly caused by the tripping of the fuse box and the circuit breaker while making sure you inspect your fireplace fuse.


Check the fuse box and the circuit breaker thoroughly and make the necessary repairs and replacements to overcome this issue.

The fireplace fuse could also require to be replaced, and the final solution you can try out is to try another socket in which you plug the power cord in.

Logs not Glowing 

The logs will not glow if your Twin Star Electric Fireplace is not plugged into an outlet that supplies the required electricity.

The switch of your heater is turned ‘off’ due to which the logs of your fireplace are not glowing.


A standard 120V- outlet can be used to plug in your Twin Star Electric Fireplace, which would help eliminate this issue.

Try turning ‘on’ the fireplace switch once and, if required, several times to finally make your logs glow.

The heater doesn’t Blow warm air.

The heater doesn’t blow warm air when your fireplace’s thermostat feature interferes. 

Not adjusting the thermostat on your Twin Star Electric Fireplace can cause this problem, which will result in stopping your room from heating up to the level you want it to.


Adjusting your thermostat correctly and precisely is the easy and only solution you will need to stop this issue from happening again.

Ensure the temperature set in your thermostat is more than the temperature of the current room.

It’s time to replace your fan blower and heating element if none of the above solution works.

Twin Star Error Codes List with Solution 

These are the most recurring error codes on Twin Star Electric Fireplaces, and we have perfect solutions for them!

Let’s dive in to see them in detail.

Twin Star Display Shows E1  

You will find that your Twin Star Electric Fireplace display shows an E1 code of error when your unit’s thermostat is either broken or disconnected.


Plug the thermostat anywhere else than the main circuit board of your unit.

You can know if you have plugged your thermostat in the above manner by pulling out the back panel of your Twin Star Electric Fireplace, and you will have your answer.

Twin Star Display Shows E2 

The error code E2 displayed on your Twin Star Electric Fireplace is interrelated to the above-written E1 error code.

When the E2 code is displayed it means that the sensor of your thermostat has become damaged or faulty.


The only correct solution to this error E2 is to replace your thermostat wholly by seeking the help of professionals.

This would make sure that the E2 error code gets vanishes.

Twin Star Display Shows E3  

This error is related to the overheating protection mode or feature. 

Overheating or this error E3 can be caused due to dirt and debris blocking inlets and outlets of air supply which in turn make your unit extremely hot. (overheat)


Let your Twin Star Electric Fireplace cool down for at least half an hour by unplugging it.

Then thoroughly clean out all the dirt and debris leading to blockage of the air supply.

After doing these steps, plug in and wait to see if your Twin Star Electric Fireplace still shows indications of overheating and if unfortunately it does contact the manufacturer and ask for help.

Twin Star Display Shows Er  

This is the issue where your unit’s power cord gets overheated, making your Twin Star Electric Fireplace display error of ‘Er.’

Loose plugs and even faulty outlets are the cause for displaying this error on your fireplace.


Inspecting the plug connections should be your first instinct.

If you find issues such as damage to the cord, do not think twice and replace the damaged cord instantly.

Using a 120V-outlet is a great way to stop this error as well. 

Keep your other electric appliances away from the outlet which you are using for plugging the electric cord of your Twin Star Electric Fireplace.

Twin Star Display Shows E5

The twin star fan or the venting is the culprit of this error E5 displayed on your Twin Star Electric Fireplace.

Voltage is another cause due to which an E5 error could be displayed.


Safety should be your first concern, so make sure you cut off the power supply by unplugging your Twin Star Electric Fireplace to stay safe and avoid severe damage and injuries.

Blockage of your fan can cause this error to pop up too! Thus inspect and see if anything is stuck in your fan and clean or throw it out.

Lastly, provide voltage as per the manual specifications provided to you by the manufacturer or the professionals. 

This would make your fan spin without an issue and with optimum safety and smoothness.

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