Dimplex Electric Fire Flame Effect Not Working [5 Quick Fixes]

Dimplex Electric Fire Flame Effect Not Working

The brand Dimplex provides electric fire flame effects with the highest realism.

Although, as with all electric fire flame effects, Dimplex’s models also face some issues working with their fire flame effects.

Let’s know the problems as well as the solutions by diving in.

Dimplex Electric Fire Flame Effect Not Working: Solutions

Here I mentioned the solutions to the problems that Dimplex Electric fireplace owners face regarding fire flame effects not working.

Wiring Check 

One of the biggest reasons your Dimplex model’s electric fire flame effects stop working is caused by loose wiring.

Reasons such as non-stop expansion and contraction and heating and cooling cycles cause problems related to wiring.

Loose wires cannot connect consistently with the fireplace, which causes fire flame effects to stop.


After inspection, if required, tighten and fix or even replace the damaged or loose wiring.

Hire a professional to ensure that the above-mentioned cycles work perfectly without causing issues with your Dimplex model’s electric fire flame effects.

Defective Bulb 

As a bulb is any and every fireplace’s flame effects pivotal part, a faulty bulb means no impact! 

The bulb makes the light of the flames disappear, causing the electric flame effect to stop.

Usually, the issue is caused by a blown bulb or even an LED. (if your electric fireplace uses LED)


The only correct solution is to replace the blown bulb of your Dimplex electric fireplace model.

Alternatively, installing an LED to provide the fire flame effects in your Dimplex electric fireplace is an option that lasts longer than the bulb. We have covered complete guide on replacing bulb of an electric fireplace.

Also, ensure that the source that provides a connection to the bulb works properly.

Switch Malfunction Flame Effect Control

It is mentioned in the manual provided by Dimplex that a switch is used to control the fire flame effects of your fireplace.

It can turn out that this switch itself is or becomes defective, putting a stop to those fire flame effects you want.

Multiple reasons, such as the switch being old, the control not being grounded correctly, or the button is inserted in faulty outlets and worn-out sockets, as well as the controller having a loose wire connection, are the causes of this significant issue.


Start by inspecting the switch to know the origin of the problem. 

Suppose you find that the switch is indeed faulty. In that case, you can replace the button with a brand new one, tighten or replace the loose connection of wire it previously had ground this switch correctly this time, and if needed, repair or rather replace worn-out sockets.

These solutions will ensure that you return to your most realistic fire flame effects without any doubt.

Defective Motor

The defective motor is another of the reasons which cause fire flame effect issues.

If your flame is still (it is not moving) even though the fire flame’s light is on, then it is assumed that a defective motor is causing the problem.

Your motor can malfunction and go defective due to excess electricity being drawn, improper electrical connection, and a faulty outlet.


Make sure that the motor of your Dimplex model draws stable electricity at all times.

Fix and if need be, replace your electrical connection that made your motor go defective in the first place.

Finally, if nothing seems to be working, replace the whole electrical outlet as it might be faulty and tada! Your Dimplex electric fire flame effects will be back from that second itself.

LED Driver Fault  

The LED driver performs the function of converting input sources of AC voltage into sources of current.

Thus, electric fireplaces’ are influenced heavily by LED driver voltage failures.

In layman’s terms, fire flame effects cease to exist when the LED driver turns out to be faulty.

The LED driver becomes faulty if its components are defective or if the capacitor of the LED driver has gone wrong.


Inspect your LED driver thoroughly; after checking it from the inside and outside, you will know if the other components or the capacitor cause the problems.

Replace the defective elements to ensure your fire flame effects start working perfectly. 

These solutions ensure that your Dimplex electric fire flame effects will work flawlessly, overcoming any issues.

FAQs on Dimplex Electric Fire Flame

How do you fix the flame on Dimplex electric fireplace?

You can try unplugging the Dimplex fireplace from the wall and replugging it after some minutes, inspect whether the bulbs have blown or even the motor has become defective, and replace them to fix the flame on your Dimplex electric fireplace.

How do you reset a Dimplex fireplace?

If your Dimplex fireplace keeps turning off, try shutting it off with the main power switch to reset it.

Turn it back on after five or more minutes.

Why does Dimplex Opti Myst fire keep cutting out?

There is a problem with the mist production; the mist either gets cut out after 30 seconds or produces too much moisture. 

Sometimes mist is not produced to the level which it is required. 

The remote control for your Dimplex Opti Myst may be faulty, which causes the fire to cut out.

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