Best 60-inch Electric Fireplace [Top Picks of 2022 ]

Best 60 inch Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are the perfect addition to any room they go to but haven’t you always heard?

The bigger, the better! And yes, electric fireplaces of size 60-inch also work incredibly well. 

Knowing more about their details, you will be tempted to buy them over the regular-sized ones. Then, Let’s just dive in.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart 60” Electric Fireplace 

Best 60 inch electric fireplace

Key Points – 

  • Comes in black.
  • Heats 400 sq. ft of the area perfectly,
  • Can be plugged in or hardwired, using a  120V outlet,
  • L × W × H is 59.75 × 5.5 × 19.25 inches,
  • The remote control is included,
  • Weighs 62 pounds, with 1500 watts.

Additionally to the features, this model also has 6 flame colors and 10 media color options alongside a thermostat that your smart device can control.

It also comes with 10, yes 10 realistic flame color combinations and 3 flame speeds, and 5 flame and fire bed intensity settings to help you set your heater up as you please.

It comes with instructions that are super easy to follow, making its installation stress free. This model also comes with a whopping 60 color options too! 

This model doesn’t fail in any department in making itself unique.

It is a complete package of improved appeal and the best performance available in your room.

You cannot miss out on buying this 60-inch electric fireplace. 

Touchstone 80011 – The Sideline Electric Fireplace 60 Inch

Best 60 inch Electric Fireplace

Key Points –

  • Comes in black,
  • Heating range of 400 sq. ft of area,
  • Can be hardwired, using a 110-120V outlet,
  • L × W × H is 60 × 5.5 × 21.5 inches,
  • Assists you with remote control,
  • Weighs 62 pounds, using 1440-2400 watts.

This model also comes with 5 flame settings which you can choose from. It is designed to use one log, a crystal, or even both if you prefer to mix them. 

Its safe and easy installation with its sides and back remaining cool to touch makes this model an easy one to get your hands on. Additionally, it can also run on just flames ( without heat ), and this model’s flames are just way too realistic.

Giving an authentic feel and aesthetic appeal to your room, this model is made of all the right additions to it.

With the optimum safety and cool features, this model is one of the top 60-inch electric fireplaces!

Once you buy it, you will be convinced to recommend it to others happily.

R.W.FLAME 60″ Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Best 60 inch electric fireplace

Key Points – 

  • Available in black color,
  • Heat zone of 400 sq. ft of area,
  • Can be wall mounted or in-wall recessed, using 120V outlet,
  • L × W × H is 60 × 3.85 × 18.11 inches,
  • Includes remote control,
  • Weighs 66.9 pounds, with 1500 watts.

This model is filled with features and comfort that we all seek for. 

Providing 12 flame as well 12 LED flame bed color modes and 5 adjustable flame brightness levels alongside 5 flame speed modes. 

Its auto-heat kill safety feature makes this model super safe and has infrared heat, allowing your room to heat up without losing all its moisture.

Having the feature of touch screen control functions and an adjustable thermostat paired together is one of the reasons why this model sees the spotlight!

All in all, this is an excellent buy for anyone who is looking for the total package in 60-inch electric fireplace models. 

Antarctic Star 60-Inch Electric Fireplace

Best 60 inch Electric Fireplace, 60 inch electric fireplace

Key Points – 

  • Comes in colors blue, pink, red, purple, multicolor,
  • Heating 400 sq. ft area,
  • Can be recessed, semi-recessed in a wall, wall mounted, using 120V outlet,
  • L × W × H is 60 × 3.7 × 18.1 inches,
  • Comes with remote control,
  •  Weighs 49.9 pounds, with 1500 watts.

Its instructions make it clear that installing this model is a piece of cake. This model provides you with realistic-looking flames never seen before.

This model provides 12 options in the color frame and crystal combinations, creating not only incredibly realistic but also majestic colorful effects.

It serves your hearing purposes in either 750W or 1500W, enabling the option of saving energy. 

This model guarantees safety, and its flexible features like timer control(1-8hrs), sleep mode function, and independent switch of heating and flame make this a top-quality model.

Surely now, you need no more convincing and have chosen to buy this excellent model, are we correct? 

XBeauty 60″ Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed and Wall Mounted 

Best 60 inch Electric Fireplace

Key Points –

  • Comes in color black,
  • Suitable to heat 400 sq. ft of area,
  • Can be recessed, semi-recessed, and wall mounted, using a 120V outlet,
  • L × W × H is 60 × 3.86 × 18.11 inches,
  • Assists you with remote control,
  • Weighs 55.9 pounds, with 1500 watts.

As read above, this model comes with multiple installation methods, which are super convenient. 

Due to this model’s back frame design, chances of damage to the glass become null.

Coming with a full spectrum of LED colors enabling a unique ember bed display paired with 12 flame colors with uniquely upgraded class flame colors, namely red, orange and blue, this model raises the standards.

However, this model doesn’t stop amazing us and in addition to all previously mentioned features also has 5 flame speeds and 5 flame brightness options which are adjustable as per your comfort.

Whisper quiet blower heating is the highlight of this model. 

Overheat protection enables safety to the maximum level, and this model also provides free replacement for installation problems, if any.

Somehow, the list about this model and all its positives still goes on and on and on! 

This model is to raise your standards and comfort.

Valuxhome 60 Inches Electric Fireplace

Best 60 inch Electric Fireplace

Key Points –

  • Black color
  • Heats a room of 400 sq. ft,
  • Can be in-wall recessed, hardwired/plugged in using 120V outlet,
  • L × W × H is 60 × 5.51 × 21.65 inches,
  • It consists of remote control,
  • Weighs 66.14 pounds, with 1500 watts.

With multiple installation methods, this model has already become easily accessible to any type of house. 

3 flame colors and 3 fuel bed color options paired with 5 adjustable flame brightness options help you set your ideal comfort quickly.

This model provides an aesthetic due to its faux fire logs and burning coals resembling crystals.

Its flames, too, can be operated with or without heat, and this model also helps you save energy as it comes in two heating levels, 750 and 1500 watts per your command.

As this model also includes overheating protection and soothing motion from its fan, this model becomes easy to control.


60-inch electric fireplaces have features that will up your comfort level quickly.

They do not make you face any difficulties and tend to be models who are overall excellent.

Recommended models are of the best quality combined with features and easy controls.

You cannot go wrong in choosing any of the above models as their brands have ensured you get all you want and at the price you want.


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