Best Linear Electric Fireplace 2022

Best Linear Electric Fireplace

Linear electric fireplaces are also known as ‚Äúcontemporary fireplaces‚ÄĚ and are known for their glazing look with an extra efficiency.

They are surely one of the most beautiful and fruitful buys if you like slim devices.

Let us see some of the best linear electric fireplaces now.

Best Linear Electric Fireplace 

Personally, I enjoy the slim and cool look of linear electric fireplaces. So here I have made a list of the 5 best electric linear fireplaces.  

Dimplex IgniteXL Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace

Best Linear Electric Fireplace 2022

Key features –  

  1. Heating area of 500 sq. ft with 120V and also up to 1000 sq. ft of 240V,
  2. Weighs around 129 lbs, with dimensions of 74.25 in. W, 15.63 in. H, 5.88 in. D,
  3. You can install it by built-in method,
  4. Comes in a black finish type, 
  5. Assists you with remote control.

This linear electric fireplace puts out a heat output of 8530 BTUs, and you can also enjoy this fireplace with or without heat.

Its glass remains cool to the touch always, keeping your kids and pets safe around this fireplace. A sleep timer that can be used for up to 8 hours makes sure you get enough warmth when you sleep.

Beautiful ember beds which reflect light with tiny but elegant sparkles add to the room’s aesthetics greatly. My friend who bought this said the 5-year warranty is like a bonus that comes alongside this remote-controlled electric fireplace.

You want to take advantage of this one! Trust me, this will thoroughly make you happy and keep you warm.

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart

Best Linear Electric Fireplace 2022

Key features – 

  1. Heats up to 400 sq. ft of an area using 1500 watts,
  2. Weighs 62 pounds having dimensions of 59.75 in. W, 19.25 in. H, 5.5 in. D,
  3. Installation was done by wall mounting method,
  4. Comes in black color,
  5. Has a remote control to help you.

This electric fireplace helps add a unique look to your room with its attractive design and awesome features.

Having easy-to-follow instructions for installation, 6 different color options for the flames of the fireplace, and 10 media color options, all of which run independently, makes this  Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart linear fireplace something to add to the buy list.

Also, 3 options regarding flame speeds and 5 options for the flame and fire bed intensity settings make this plugin or hardwire fireplace very reliable for deriving your desired comfort.

Did you know? This fireplace gives you 10 color combinations for flames and 60, yes 60! Colour options with different intensity settings act as a complete package for you.

Still waiting to add this to your home? Don’t wait any longer, and get this fireplace today!

Valuxhome Linear Electric Fireplace

Best Linear Electric Fireplace 2022

Key features – 

  1. Heats up to 400 sq. ft, using a 110-120V outlet, 
  2. Weighs around 91.4 pounds having dimensions of 74 in. W, 16.25 in. H, 5.85 in. D,
  3. You can wall mount or install it by using the built-in method,
  4. Comes in black color,
  5. You can use it in 750W and even in 1500W.

With a lovely design, this fireplace upgrades any room it gets set up in.

Also, having a timer that can go up to 9 hours is a feature that lets you sleep freely at night and with lots of heat to keep you warm as well.

This model of linear electric fireplace can not only be operated with a remote control but also by touch screen method! I have personally used this model, and I have to say it does not disappoint at all! 

3 options for color top lights and even for flame colors, and also for fuel bed colors makes sure that you enjoy this fireplace by customizing it for your comfort.

An authentic look paired with the latest LED technology and energy saving with overheat protection makes this Valuxhome Linear Electric Fireplace a top linear electric fireplace at any and every house.

Napoleon Alluravision Linear Electric Fireplace

Best Linear Electric Fireplace 2022

Key features –

  1. Heats up to a whopping 800 sq. ft of area,
  2. Weighs about 82.7 pounds with its dimensions of 62 in. W, 17 in. H and 6 in. D,
  3. Can be wall-mounted,
  4. Comes in a black finish,
  5. A remote control is included with this linear electric fireplace.

This model is known for its 9000 BTUs heat output which it can provide using a 2800W 

Power. You can just plug in this model and enjoy its beautiful ambiance and aesthetic.

With great and easy-to-use controls, this model enhances the realism you can experience. You almost feel the flames are not an illusion but are real due to this model’s superb capabilities.

You can adjust the brightness of the realistic flames in 4 ways and enjoy blue, yellow, orange, and a combination of all whenever you want to. Flame speed control is also under your management, and you have full power over it.

My friend says that Napoleon Alluravision Linear Electric Fireplace is his year’s best buy. The flame speed adjustment feature did win over his heart, and he’s become grateful to this linear electric fireplace since the day he bought it.

Overall this is a purchase of the right product, which will be super beneficial for you and your whole family. 

SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Recessed Linear Electric Fireplace

Best Linear Electric Fireplace 2022

Key features – 

  1. Heating range of 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Has dimensions of 83.5 in. W, 25 in. H, 11 in. in. D,
  3. You can use the built-in method to install it, 
  4. Comes in white, 
  5. Has a multi-function remote control to aid you.

Having a modern look allows this fireplace to catch the attention of our eyes no matter which room it gets set up into. You can also place your TV set above this shiny fireplace without harm.

The feature of enjoying this model with or without heat adds to its advantages as well.

Having 4 options to adjust flame colors and 13 options to choose from when it comes to ember bed options are the key features this SimpliFire Allusion Platinum Recessed Linear Electric Fireplace provides.

LED lights with a terrific lasting life and two different operation modes ( 750W and 1500W) help this model gain the upper hand on many others.

You will not regret buying this linear electric fireplace ever! My friend did not regret it; he enjoyed it even more.

Final Words 

We have recommended some great linear electric fireplaces that will make you comfortable and heated. I

You can buy any of these all-year usable magical products with uncountable features. But if you want something just a little smaller, go for 60 inch electric fireplaces.


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