Top 5 Electric Fireplaces for Basement (Picks of 2022)

Electric Fireplaces for Basement

Electric fireplaces are an invention that is both incredibly versatile and have features & designs that make your room come alive.

Installing an electric fireplace in the basement is a good idea; many homeowners have done it. So it’s a green signal. Coming back to which one you should install, don’t worry this article will help you decide it. 

Let’s dive in without further ado!

Best Electric Fireplaces for Basement 

After many interviews with the homeowners, friends, and experience, I have filtered the top 5 electric fireplaces for the basement. 

Dimplex IgniteXL 60″ Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace

Key features –

  1. Heats about 350-400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Can either be built-in or wall-mounted, 
  3. Weighs around 86 pounds, using 120V or 240V outlet,
  4. Has dimensions of 68.4 in. L × 24.3 in. H × 15 in. D,
  5. You can operate it at 1500 watts or 2500 watts.

With a great black finish type and cool practical design, this model is first on the list because it can fit any room and give the basement an aesthetic look.

Installation that does not take much time while having a remote control to assist you makes this Dimplex IgniteXL 60″ Built-in Linear Electric Fireplace a superb option to buy.

My friend recently purchased this electric fireplace and instantly became a fan of its safety system. That’s because this model has been equipped with a Comfort$aver heating system. 

The feature that highlights this model is that it comes with a design that automatically adjusts the fan speed and the wattage its heater requires.

Technology that supports color-changing LED lights and a 5-year warranty alongside all these features makes this fireplace a great buy! Don’t you agree?

Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart 72” WiFi-Enabled Electric Fireplace

Key features – 

  1. Heating coverage of 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Can be wall mounted with ease,
  3. Weighs about 100 pounds, uses a 120V outlet,
  4. Has dimensions of 71.8 in. L, 19.2 in. H × 5.5 in. D,
  5. Uses 1500 watts and is delivered with remote control.

This model has been purposely made for the sole purpose of wall-mount recessed installations.

Easy-to-follow instructions help you set up this unit in any room, all on your own, adding a cozy and attractive look to your basement.

With 6 options in flame colors and 10 options in media colors, the capability to remember the settings and the option of being turned on by a smart device or light switch make this model very versatile.

Additionally, 3 flame speed settings, 5 flame bed, and fire bed intensity settings paired with a full log set, driftwood, and crystals help it look appealing.

The owner revealed the most surprising feature this model has. Did you know? This model has 60! Yes, 60 color combinations for the realistic flames it provides! 

Remote control to operate Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart 72” WiFi-Enabled Electric Fireplace with ease and two heat settings with a built-in thermostat make it super useful in the winter season.

Remember – Place this electric fireplace at least 8 inches below the ceiling or any item you have mounted over this fireplace.

Napoleon Alluravision-NEFL74CHS-Slim Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

Key features – 

  1. Quickly heats 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. You can install this model by wall mounting it,
  3. Weighs 77.2 pounds, using a standard 120V outlet,
  4. Its dimensions are 74.3 in. L × 15.9 in. H, 4.2 in. D,
  5. Puts out a heat output of 5000 BTUs, using 1500 watts.

This slim Napoleon model provides a good look to your basement, beautifies it, and is easily set up.

Controls are so easy to control and adjust and provide extremely realistic flames. 

Its LED lights are multicolored, having 6 different options to choose from.

When asked by the owner of Napoleon Alluravision, among all the colors (white, blue, purple, red, yellow, and green), green is the color of comfort and relaxation.

Napoleon Alluravision-NEFL74CHS-Slim Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace has features such as adjustable flames (4 options), adjustable brightness, and the flames’ adjustable speed! 

All these customization options in the context of flames help the owner to enjoy this model at its maximum. It is decorated with large and clear crystal cubes this model sparkles, radiating luxury and beauty.

In short, this Electric Fireplace is suitable for all and has zero faults!

GMHome 50 Inches Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace (For Small Basements)

Key features –

  1. Heating range of 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Wall mount installation type,
  3. Only 39.5 pounds of weight and gives 5100 BTUs,
  4. Has dimensions of 50 in. L × 16.25 in. H × 5.5 in. D,
  5. Assists you with remote control and uses 1500 watts.

Having two beautiful color options of black and white, each providing a unique look and aesthetic to your basement, helps suit many decor styles.

This model has log sets and crystals that help increase its existing beauty. Different ember bed and flame options help you conveniently adjust the electric fireplace as per your mood and comfort.

Great flames create the illusion of realism alongside 9 flame color options and 5 flame adjustment settings that provide so many options to explore and relax.

5100 BTUs heat output makes GMHome 50 Inches Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace suitable to heat your basement throughout the year without worrying about the cold weather.

The remote control can easily be operated as per your need, and this model is a no-brainer for installation.

Providing great safety around kids, pets, and the elderly by being CETL certified. Its safety cut-off device for overheating protection ensures safety for you and everyone around you.

I experienced this Fireplace personally and would recommend this one the most for small basements.

SimpliFire Scion 78-Inch Built-in Clean Face Linear Electric Fireplace

Key features –

  1. Heats up to 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Built-in installation type,
  3. Has dimensions of 80.5 in. L × 23.9 in. H × 7.7 in. D,
  4. Uses 120V standard outlet and 1500 watts, with 5000 BTUs heat output,
  5. Comes with remote control.

Adds to the aesthetics of the basement by bringing its fresh and charming look. 

Has not only 4 settings for flame colors and 14 ember bed color choices to suit your needs and comfort.

Warms the basement quickly and has 2 heating modes available. You can operate it with 750W or 1500W, and it has a multi-function remote control that ensures you have full access to the electric fireplace at your fingertips.

Having a timer, options to adjust the brightness of flames, and heat levels of flames act in your favor every time!

You can enjoy SimpliFire Scion 78-Inch Built-in Clean Face Linear Electric Fireplace with or without heat, and a friend who bought this made sure that I knew this is the prettiest looking electric fireplace out of there.

This model makes sure that you enjoy it throughout the year! 

Buying Guide for Basement Electric Fireplace 

Knowing which electric fireplace you want, here are some points you need to consider to take the best electric fireplace home with you!

  1. Know which type of electric fireplace you want and how to install it (by wall-mounting it, using mantels, placing them in corners, fireplace TV stands, fireplace inserts, logs, etc.)
  2. Know what are the benefits of electric fireplaces and how you will be able to utilize them and make the most out of the benefits.
  3. Know what styles and finishes are available in the model you are interested in. Explore all the color options and see which matches your home decor best.
  4. Know what size you want and how much heating power you want it to provide. Electric fireplaces’ size will depend on their location, and so will the heat output.
  5. Be aware of the features the electric fireplace you are interested in provides! Electric fireplaces come with many features but choose the ones most useful for you.
  6. Gather information on what safety features it has! If Has it been certified or not? If it is cool to touch or not? If it has overheating protection or not? And so on.
  7. Find the one most suitable as per your budget and see how eco-friendly it is in its performance.
  8. Have your other questions and doubts answered by the brand you are interested in.


Our recommendations cover so many ways by which you can enjoy an electric fireplace of your choice in your basement!

With great features and designs, you won’t regret buying one of the above awesome and effective electric fireplaces to have by your side.

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