Electric Fireplace Error Codes (e5, e3, e1, co, 88) Fixed

Electric Fireplace Error Codes

Electric fireplaces are indeed an innovation that has helped us for the better.

They have made a mark on us by continuously impressing us with their features and quality of heat.

However, even electric fireplaces face some issues and errors which can prevent you from using them optimally.

Let’s know in detail what the errors and error codes are alongside accurate solutions for the same.

Detecting and Fixing all types of Electric Fireplaces Errors

You can detect or identify errors when you clean or periodically maintain your electric fireplace.

Mainly dimplex opti-myst fireplace problem occurs if not cleaned periodically.  

Error codes can then be detected pinpoint, and you can further put an end to these errors to make your electric fireplace smooth again.

E5 Error code on Electric Fireplace

Amongst the error codes, the E5 error code is in context with venting problems and errors caused in your electric fireplace model.

Blockage can cause your models’ fans to stop working, and also look out in your models’ vents for the presence of dirt and debris.


First, clean all the stored debris causing blockage and error in your fireplace.

Check out tubes ( bent tubes ), as bent tubes are one of the leading causes of this error E5.

Call and seek the help of a professional who will check and correct any errors caused in the circuit board or due to loose connections which might be affecting the working of your fireplace fan.

Voltage issues are also a possibility for causing E5 errors. While inspecting your fireplace’s components, check the blower, lubricating rod, and limit switch.

E3 Error code on Electric Fireplace

E3 error code refers to errors caused due to Overheating or Heat override. 

Errors taking place due to blockage and restriction in airflow are the cause for this error code E3.

This error code E3 should never be ignored as it not only puts your electric fireplace model at risk but can also give rise to a fire that can burn your entire house.


Start by inspecting and eliminating all the blockages which have caused restrictions and stoppages in the airflow of your fireplace model.

An easy and effective way to get rid of all the dirt causing this blockage is to use a compressor to blow out the air from the passageways of your fireplace model.

This method will solve this error code E3 and ensure no dust remains accumulated to repeat this error.

CO Error code on Electric Fireplace

CO error is an error code that exists due to electronic glitches.

In modern electric fireplace models, this error code hardly has the chance to occur.

If you face this error code, it is unique to your model, and you won’t find any solutions to the same until you check the manual provided by your manufacturer.


You can try to solve the CO error code by resetting your fireplace model.

Go through the manual and see if you find any solutions regarding this error code.

If this error remains unsolved, contact a professional, as they will tackle this error code quickly to get you back your perfect and trouble-free fireplace model.

E1 Error code on Electric Fireplace

This error code appears on your fireplace model when the temperature of your fireplace triggers the overheating sensor, and this error code E1 gets displayed as a warning.

In short, error E1 is related to overheating problems your model faces.

Damaged and old circuit boards are also caused for this error code E1.

Check the manual given to you by your manufacturer to understand the meaning of this error code. (Varies with every model)


You can eliminate this error code E1 by unplugging your model to reset its sensor.

When a damaged or worn-out circuit board causes this error, you must replace it to stop this error code E1.

Due to these solutions, the connection of your model will surely be corrected and work as if this error code never existed in the first place.

88 Error code on Electric Fireplace   

This error code is displayed on your model when overheating occurs. 

Airflow restrictions and blockages are the cause of this error. 

This error code will cause your model to shut off automatically over and over repeatedly.

If you detect this error code on your model, switch off your fireplace first, then, until this error code is resolved, do not turn it back on.


Inlets and outlets are where you should look, as they are causing blockages and restrictions in the airflow.

Restart your fireplace after the above step and verify if this error code 88 is resolved.

When you unplug your model from its outlet, it’s recommended to keep it unplugged for 5 minutes before you start your model back on.

These ways will ensure that this error code 88 gets terminated.

E2 Error Code on Electric Fireplace 

Error code E2 represents a slightly complicated error as it is caused due to problems in the internal clock of the temperature controller of your model.

E2 error code is shown on your fireplace when data cannot be recovered from the controller’s memory chip.

Both overvoltage and Undervoltage can cause your fireplace this error code.

This can further result in overloading your fireplace model.


You can either try and repair the damaged temperature controller or replace it to eliminate this error.

Consult a professional as this is a complicated issue, and you might not fully understand the solution mentioned in the manual by your manufacturer.

This will make the connection and functioning of your model smooth and running perfectly again.

ER Error Code on Electric Fireplace

A faulty outlet causes this error code ER to pop up on your model.

Outlets turn faulty due to overheating. The outlet or even the plug of your fireplace model may become defective, causing this error.

Plug when not entered completely or correctly in your outlet results in overheating and arcing troubleshoots.

If this error is not paid attention to immediately, it can cause a fire.


To eliminate this issue, the apparent thought is to check and ensure that your plug is secured entirely and correctly in the outlet you have used for plugging your fireplace model.

Reset your model if your model is overheating, and keep your fireplace for a few minutes, which would cool it down.

Then you can switch your fireplace back on and even if this error code is not solved, contact a professional to avoid a fire and get rid of this issue without any further complications.


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