The Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off [100% Fixed]

The Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off

We all know electric fireplaces are the best option when it comes to heating, but they also have many reasons to keep shutting off, which we should consider. 

Don’t worry, solutions to those many reasons will be given by us below. 

Reasons Why My Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting off?

There are many reasons why your electric fireplace will keep shutting itself off. What they are and how they can be dealt with are explained below.

Overheating of Electric Fireplace

The first and foremost reason can be if your electric fireplace gets overheated, which is one of the most common reasons for your electric fireplace to shut off. 

Most electric fireplaces provide overheating protection to prevent your electric fireplace from overheating. 

This means they turn themselves off when your electric fireplace overheats.

Airflow is the root cause of overheating if an adequate amount of airflow is not there, the chances of your electric fireplace overheating go up rapidly. 

Solutions to an airflow blockage or simply the overheating problem are –

a) Keep your electric fireplace at some distance from any object, preventing airflow from entering the intake vent. 

b) Also, building fuzz is something you always have to look out for. 

c) Another way is to turn off your electric fireplace, unplug it and then reset everything after you have unplugged it.

If the problem remains unsolved still, then issues with thermostatic control are being faced by your electric fireplace.

Temperature Settings

Another reason for your electric fireplace to shut off is its temperature settings.

Your amazing electric fireplace provides temperatures ranging from low to medium to high and off.

Some electric fireplaces will turn themselves off after sensing that the correct temperature for the room has been reached.

The bulbs within the electric fireplace may have problems in them. Higher temperatures might result in overheating and automatic shut-off due to high wattage. 

If your electric fireplace automatic shut-off feature kicks in there’s not much for you to do. 

But in case you’re suspicious about the bulbs, seek a professional’s help for the same.

These solutions will ensure your electric fireplace is back to its normal state.

Blocked Heater 

A blocked heater joins the list as another reason your electric fireplace shuts off. 

If anything is blocking your electric fireplace, it will result in overheating it, ultimately shutting your electric fireplace off.

The solution for the safe release of heat from your electric place is to keep any flammable object at least or more than 3 meters away from your electric fireplace.


The dirty or dusty heater element of your electric fireplace may also turn out to be the cause for it to shut off. 

Inspecting your electric fireplace periodically and ensuring no dust buildup will help you be safe.

Allow your fireplace to cool and unplug, and after reading the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer, clean your electric fireplace thoroughly to beat the problem of it shutting off.

Other Reasons 

Multiple miscellaneous reasons also exist for your electric fireplace to shut off. They are – 

a) Your electric fireplace’s internal circuit breaker may trip as your electric fireplace draws current in high amounts.  In this case, you need to replace your internal circuit breaker to keep your electric fireplace from shutting off. 

b) You should never plug your electric fireplace into an extension cord instead, directly plugging into a wall socket is the concrete way for assured safety.

c) Inlet and an outlet of your electric fireplace to be clear at all times.

d) If you need to change your bulbs, take the correct wattage of bulbs as a replacement without fault. 

e) Also, if you control your electric fireplace with remote control, make sure its switch does not get flipped. 


Yes, an electric fireplace, as wonderful as it is, faces problems of shutting off for many reasons. 

Some reasons have easy fixes, while some don’t. 

You must acknowledge and understand your electric fireplace’s issue and act accordingly.

Refer to the guidelines recommended by your electric fireplaces’ manager, seek out professionals for help, and lastly, you can help yourself.

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