Putting a TV and an electric fireplace on the same wall

Putting a TV and an electric fireplace on the same wall

Electric fireplace paired with the TV on the same wall is the popular trend now, which it deserves to be. 

Coming together, they not only enhance the aesthetic of your room but also save some space this way and are safe when paired together.

Is it Safe to Put a TV on an Electric Fireplace?

Yes, and yes! Most of the electric fireplaces are safe to keep below your TV. If you are planning for new one then don’t forget to check our top picks on electric fireplace with TV stand.

Electric fireplaces emit heat from the front or bottom sides of their structure, so your TV’s safety is guaranteed. 

The only thing you have to choose when installing an electric fireplace with your TV carefully is that it will neither be too big nor too small when paired with your TV. 

You also need to consider your surroundings and the plugs and extensions placements when setting up the TV and electric fireplace on the same wall.

The minimum distance between the TV and an electric fireplace?

In case you are using a mantel, 7-8 inches is the space to be kept betwixt the top of the mantel and the TV itself.

Also, there should at least be 20 inches separating your electric fireplace and your TV when placed on the same wall. 

And in case wall-mounting is not the way for you, then 36 inches has to be the minimum distance between your electric fireplace and TV stand.

TVs are heat-sensitive, so if you place your electric fireplace too close to your TV, chances are your TV will be destroyed by overheating. 

Electric Fireplace and TV on same wall

Things to consider while installing an electric fireplace below the TV

1. Choosing the right TV Size

The first and most important task is choosing your TV size wisely. 

A bigger or even smaller TV size would create unwanted issues when placed together with an electric fireplace on the same wall. 

Due to this, there’s a chance you would have to sacrifice your ideal TV if you want to place them( TV & electric fireplace) both together.

2. Proper Mounting 

When mounting your TV, it is obligatory to consider how high you want to mount it. 

What is the use of creating this combined aesthetic if it’s going to wreck your neck? 

Further, the distance of your seat from the electric fireplace, more and more safety is assured. 

As eye-level ceases to be an option when you choose installation in this manner, it’s best if you mount your TV as low as possible while being considerate of your mantle and electric fireplace. 

3. Brackets 

The third thing to consider is which bracket you will use so that your TV is held as tight as possible and its wires remain hidden behind it.

Use a slim and flat mount to get all the work done. We would recommend brackets of the Samsung company, which are either of Q90 or Q900 series.

‘Zero gap’ brackets can also be referred to so that the TV is entirely within your wall, as this bracket is recessed into the TV back.

Also, if you have mounted your TV higher, you have to go with a tilt mount as you would be looking up and the tilt mount enables the TV’s top to be angled away from the wall a bit.

You have to know that the behind of the TV will be caught by our eyes when using a tilt mount if the side of the TV is visible. 

4. Power Supply

Finally, the obvious question of how you will get power to your TV is the only concern that remains to be considered. Depending on your wall, this process will differ between easy and hard.

Setting up the HDMI and electric Cable is the last thing to do while installing an electric fireplace below a TV. 

Can the electric Fireplace damage my TV?

As long as the minimum distance between the TV and the electric fireplace is kept intact, it does not damage your TV.

When your electric fireplace is inserted in a cabinet or wall, the wall surface also gets heated from the heat of the electric fireplace. 

Thus, you must follow the minimum distance between your TV set and the electric fireplace under all conditions.

Electric fireplaces emit heat from their front side when mounted on the wall. Your TV above is not damaged as the wall surface also does not heat that much.

Your electric fireplace does not damage your TV, but these cases are exceptions to the above points. They are –

  1. Older electric fireplace,
  2. Cheap electric fireplace,
  3. Surface-mount electric fireplace, etc. (emits heat from the top of the glass)

In these cases, heat blows directly on the above TV, which inevitably damages the TV.

Should an electric fireplace be bigger than a TV? 

Visual appeal is surely getting a major boost if your electric fireplace is about 6-8 inches bigger than your TV. 

Many homeowners, convinced by this appeal, tend to purchase and install electric fireplaces that are longer than the TV.

In case the opposite happens with you, i.e. if your TV is bigger than your electric fireplace, you can either expand the electric fireplace’s trim or paint the wall of your TV black to rectify this mistake. 

This will maintain the aesthetic balance between your TV and your electric fireplace.


Electric fireplace and TV are good to go on the same wall if you are aware of the things you need to consider besides the most important one, which is knowing and maintaining the minimum distance between them.

Generally, your TV is super safe from damages that your electric fireplace can give. Although if your electric fireplace is older, cheap, or surface-mounted, placing them(electric fireplace & the TV) together will result in unavoidable damage. 

Your aesthetics are visually more appealing and enhanced if your electric fireplace is slightly bigger than your TV.

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