How much does an Electric Fireplace Cost? [Buy, Installation & Electricity]

How much does an Electric Fireplace Cost

Electric fireplaces have proved to be the best type of fireplaces over traditional fireplaces. (gas & wood)

Did you know?

Their average cost ranges from $850, whereas they start from $200 only!

Electric fireplaces surely have pros in all contexts, from price to easy installation to easy maintenance and affordability.

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Buying an electric fireplace: How much does it cost?

When buying an electric fireplace or anything in general, the first question which pops into our head is how much does it cost?

Electric fireplaces have a wide range of price levels; we will let you know about them.

Electric fireplaces have an average cost of $400 to $850. 

The electric fireplaces also range from $55 to $200, which are their cheapest.

$900-$2000+ is the highest price range for electric fireplaces. 

You will get all the high-end electric fireplaces you can think of in this price range.

As you know, electric fireplaces come in many varieties, making them suitable for any and every budget you plan.

Cost of Installation of an Electric Fireplace

After purchasing, the next step is to install an electric fireplace in your house. 

The cost for installation varies as it depends on what type of unit you are installing and its brand, and it also takes into account the size of the unit.

The average cost for installing an electric fireplace is between the range of $1000-$4000.

These prices include the costs that an electrician takes to wire the area and customize the surrounds of the walls where the unit is to be installed.

If you plan to install your newly purchased electric fireplace insert in an existing fireplace, it would cost you up to $600-$4000.

(Converting a gas fireplace to an electric fireplace would range between $600-$1000, whereas converting a wood-burning fireplace to an electric fireplace would range between $400-$4000, excluding the professional conversion cost.)

$2500 is nearly the amount paid by each homeowner for a recessed wall unit with installation customized of your electric fireplace.

The material you want to surround your electric fireplace varies in cost. 

So, consider all these constraints when installing your electric fireplace to know the exact cost of the same and plan a budget accordingly.

Electricity bills for Running an Electric Fireplace

Naturally, after installing your electric fireplace, you will start using it, and for using it, you will incur electricity charges.

On average, the hourly cost of running an electric fireplace is $0.22, the weekly cost of $7.58, and the monthly average cost of $32.5.

(The weekly and monthly cost is based on using the electric fireplace for 5 hours daily.)

Here, electric fireplaces prove to be highly energy efficient due to the costs incurred. 

Maintenance Cost of Electric Fireplace

Maintenance costs vary depending on the intensity of what is to be maintained. 

As electric fireplaces do not burn any of the fuels and require no venting, they are easiest to maintain as most of the time, the only maintenance they require is cleaning of the glass or dusting of the surround.

Their lifespan of an electric fireplace is also excellent, ranging between 10-20 years, so their overall cost is spread out throughout these years.

Depending on what is to be replaced (wires, outlets, inlets, heater, or other essentials), the electric fireplace maintenance cost can be calculated. 

Seeking an inquiry from a professional will always give you the exact cost of the problem.

Electric fireplaces are not only easy to maintain, but due to their features and functioning, they do not require much maintenance.

Is an electric fireplace worth the money? 

Electric fireplaces seem like an investment requiring a good budget, but after you have purchased and set them up, you will receive the fruits of their heating perfectly and efficiently.

They are the easiest to maintain and install among all the types of fireplaces, and the features they provide enable you to get all the realism you can imagine.

Adding to your ambiance in the best manner is through the electric fireplace.

All in all, they are a steal, and one should not miss out on them.

We can say that electric fireplaces make themselves more than worth the money! They are simply the best creation made ever for heating your room(s).


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