Do Electric Fireplaces have Blowers? Is it needed?

Do Electric Fireplaces have Blowers

Electric fireplaces are a product that generates flame and heat artificially.

Naturally, this means many electric fireplaces require some medium that helps blow the heat generated by the heater in the required room.

Traditional fireplaces heavily depend on blowers for their work as the blower helps to circulate the heat properly across the room preventing loss of any heat in due process.

Is blower needed for Electric Fireplaces? 

Electric fireplaces with fan-forced heaters have a blower installed, while those with infrared heaters don’t need one.

Read below to understand detailed working of blowers and electric fireplaces.

Do Electric Fireplaces have Blowers?

Electric fireplaces are better than conventional fireplaces that use wood for heat production.

So, do electric fireplaces use blowers to regulate and circulate heat?

Well, it all depends. 

In an electric fireplace, the blower’s function is not much about producing heat but more about the proper ventilation and circulation of heat.

So most electric fireplaces with fan-forced heaters have blowers, and one with infrared heaters doesn’t have blowers installed. 

Do all electric fireplace has Blowers?

The simple answer is no! Not all electric fireplaces have blowers. 

This is because, as said earlier, electric fireplaces run on electricity they do need air blown into them for heat generation. 

The electric fireplaces that have been made in recent years may not have a blower as they may work well without the help of a blower as well.

Some of the company’s older versions of electric fireplaces would have blowers for ventilation and heat circulation purposes, but now, slowly, they are being replaced.

Whether or not an electric fireplace will have a blower depends on its size.

If the Size of the fireplace is smaller, then it won’t have a blower as it wouldn’t fit, and most will make the design bulkier.

Whereas, if the electric fireplace’s size is large, it would have a blower for better circulation.

Fan forced Electric Fireplace heating. 

Fan-forced electric fireplace heaters blow cool air from the back of your electric fireplace with the help of a heating element.

This forces the air through the heating element to be blown back out of the front of the fireplace and ultimately spread throughout the room.

Hence fan forced electric fireplaces to come with a blower installed in them. 


As you know, fan-forced heaters have a blower installed in them to push the heated air into the room.

If your electric fireplace is integrated with a blower, your fan-forced heater will be enough to circulate hot air throughout the room equally and continuously.

Remember – Electric Fireplaces which use fan-forced heaters are meant to heat an area of 400 sq. Ft conveniently.

Infrared Electric Fireplace heating 

Infrared heaters can generate heat by using a quartz bulb and infrared light alongside the bulb.

Our bodies and clothes absorb infrared light, making us feel warm and nice.

When Infrared heaters are turned off, you feel like you are going from an A/C to a hot day in your country! 

Infrared heaters do not require blowers to transfer heat from your electric fireplace into the room.


Infrared heaters do not have an integrated blower, nor do they also need a blower.

However, you may find that the infrared heaters in an electric fireplace tend to have a small-sized fan inside that helps maintain the ventilation for the heater of your electric fireplace, ensuring the required temperature is regulated.

Remember – It helps you to avoid overheating while helping you heat 1000 sq. Ft of area.


So, even though you commonly find blowers in electric fireplaces, they are also being replaced.

Infrared heaters heat more quickly than fan-forced heaters. 

Fan-forced heaters require a blower, whereas infrared heaters do not.


Does an electric fireplace come with Blower? 

An electric fireplace does not necessarily need a blower. However, as some fireplaces produce heat by using fan-forced heaters, they require a blower to be integrated with the electric fireplace, whereas infrared red heaters do not require a blower at all.

Does an electric fireplace need a Blower?

This depends mostly on the electric fireplace’s size and type of heater. It’s better to ask the manufacturer if the blower is needed or not for your fireplaces. 

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