Things You Need in Your Home for an Electric Fireplace

Things You Need in Your Home for an Electric Fireplace

Planning to install an electric fireplace in your house and wondering what are the basic requirements to run it? 

This guide will help you check whether you can install an electric fireplace or you need to make arrangements before getting one. 

Electric fireplaces are powered by electricity instead of gas or wood. So, what exactly do you need for an electric fireplace? And also, what is not needed for an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace requires the following items:

  • The presence of a nearby electrical supply, for example, a wall socket.
  • You should choose a non-confined location for your electric fireplace.

 There are a few things you don’t need for an electric fireplace, such as:

  • It is not necessary to install a chimney or flue when buying an electric fireplace
  • A vent is not at all required when you are investing in an electric fireplace. 

Throughout this article, I will discuss in detail about what basic things you need at home to operate an electric fireplace and what you don’t need, as people are often confused. 

Things Needed for an Electric Fireplace 

The requirements for operating an electric fireplace in your home differ from those for an open fireplace or a wood-burning stove. Here are some basic things that you must plan on before getting an electric fireplace –

Electric Connections 

Electrical fireplaces require an electric connection (power supply) to operate and come with plugs, and power leads to provide them with the necessary electricity. Choosing where to place your electric fireplace in your home, as well as choosing what type to buy, requires that you consider the following:

  • A fireplace insert can be directly wired into an electric wall socket or mains power cable near the chosen location for the fireplace.
  • Ensure that your electric fireplace has long power cables that reach the electrical connection easily, without any stretch.

The manufacturers of electric fireplaces recommend plugging them directly into wall sockets rather than into extension cables, surge protectors, or timer plugs. Therefore, placing an electric fireplace near an isolated electric connection is necessary. Firstly, you must turn on the power supply before using the fireplace.

Electric fireplaces require a mains power supply without an extension cord, so you should consider where to place them in your home. In addition, you should consider how long the power cable will need to be as per your chosen location for the electric fireplace. 

I ensured the power cable was long enough to run to my living room for my freestanding electric fireplace.

Suitable Location 

There is no question that an electric fireplace needs an electrical connection nearby, but it should also be placed by considering some other factors. The heater on an electric fireplace works in the same way as a traditional space heater. Using a blower, cool air is drawn into the fireplace. 

This forces air through the heating elements and circulates room-temperature air throughout. Electric fireplaces require plenty of ventilation and air circulation for their heaters to work efficiently, as many problems can be caused by overheating due to poor air supply and poor airflow resulting in the heater shutting off.

You should also consider where the fireplace heater is located. It is, therefore, essential to place the fireplace in a place where either the front or back of the heater will not be blocked.

It is therefore recommended to place an electric fireplace in an area that:

  • Plenty of space around the unit allows air to circulate freely without being blocked.
  • It can be found in an open area, unlike a confined space like a cupboard.
  • Contains a level surface.
  • Your electric fireplace is not on a long pile of carpet.
  • It is in a dry location, not a moist one, such as a bathroom.

(TIP) Additionally, make sure –

  • A flat and level fireproof hearth is placed beneath it.
  • A heater at the bottom of the fireplace has no obstructions at its inlet or outlet.
  • People walking by won’t be exposed to a trip hazard safety issue because the power cable is able to reach the wall socket without stretching.

Things You Don’t Need for an Electric Fireplace 

Electric fireplaces differ from other fireplaces because there is no real flame inside them, oxygen does not have to be supplied regularly, and solid fuel supplies do not need to be constant. So let’s see what you don’t need to run an electric fireplace. 

Chimney or Flue 

By now, we know that, unlike gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces don’t have a real flame, so they don’t require a chimney or flue. Fire is created by a real flame in other fireplace types, such as open fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. 

As a result of burning fuel (in this case, wood), a real fire emits byproducts such as smoke and gases. The source of fuel for an electric fireplace is electricity. Using electricity to generate heat does not produce waste products, so no chimney or flue is needed to vent waste gases.

Therefore, you can enjoy an electric fireplace without a chimney or flue. 


Electric fireplaces don’t need to provide fresh oxygen since they don’t have real flames. Wood-burning fireplaces, stoves, and gas fireplaces require constant oxygen to keep the fire going. Without it, their flames will burn out.

Most of these fireplaces require you to install a vent in your home’s exterior wall to supply the room with fresh air. Buildings more tightly constructed with fewer drafts also require vents more frequently than older buildings.

In my living room, I have a vent that I open when using my open fireplace, but not when I use my electric fireplace, as my electric fireplace doesn’t require it at all!

Final Thoughts 

Before you go, you have to remember that…

Electric fireplaces require only the most basic and budget-friendly equipment. These fireplaces have evolved from requiring a vent and chimney. 

Setting your electric fireplace is a task that will be done with a wide smile! You don’t need to stress out when buying your ideal electric fireplace, as its ease will impress you forever!

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