How to Clean Electric Fireplace? (with Video Steps)

How to Clean Electric Fireplace

Cleaning an electric fireplace is much easier than other traditional fireplaces as you don’t have to deal with setting up or maintaining the fire, like wood and gas fireplaces. 

You just have to check the outlets and inlets for blockages, clean the glass(will also share do’s and don’ts), and clean some interior parts. 

Now you wondering how to do it. 

So here this article will help you clean your electric fireplace step by step. I have also added a video of cleaning an electric fireplace if you can’t figure it out by reading it.  

Need for Cleaning Electric Fireplaces Regularly? 

Using electric fireplaces eliminates the need to clean up ash or burnt wood pieces between fires since no solid fuel is burned.

As a result, electric fireplaces have a lot less hassle when cleaning and maintaining them than other types of fireplaces.

There’s no need to clean electric fireplaces regularly, but dust should be removed as needed to keep them clean. 

Additionally, it enhances the appearance of the fireplace’s exterior.

Once the inlet and outlet of the heater have been cleared of dust and debris, the heater is free of blockages.

Remember – As a general rule, electric fireplaces don’t need to be cleaned regularly, but any dust collected in the inlet and outlet should be cleaned periodically to ensure that they operate efficiently and safely.

Supplies we Need to Clean Electric Fireplace

Here are some supplies you’ll need to clean your electric fireplace:

  1. Brushes with soft bristles or vacuum cleaners with brushes.
  1. Using microfiber cloths or soft cotton cloths.
  1. If your fireplace has glass panels, you will need a glass cleaner.
  1. Soaps or detergents that are mild.
  1. Spray bottle filled with water.
  1. Gloves that protect the hands.(optional)

Tip – It is not recommended to clean your electric fireplace’s interior.

Guide to Cleaning an Electric Fireplace 

Below, I have written a guide to ensure you have a squeaky-cleaned electric fireplace.

The steps are –

Disconnect from Power Supply 

The first thing you should do before cleaning your electric fireplace is to turn it off and unplug it from the electric outlet.

Almost all manufacturers recommend doing so in their instruction manuals for safety reasons.

Electric fireplaces wired into your home’s electrical system should be isolated at the fuse box to prevent electrical shocks.

Before cleaning your electric fireplace, you should ensure that it has completely cooled down if it has been used.

Cleaning the Exterior Parts of the Electric Fireplace 

The outside of an electric fireplace should never be cleaned with excessive water or liquid cleaning products.

It is common for electric fireplaces to build up dust, which is one of the main reasons why you need to clean them.

To clean your electric fireplace, take a cloth and soak it in warm water before rinsing out any excess water. Then, using it will successfully remove the dust and any other marks off your electric fireplace.

When cleaning the exterior of your electric fireplace, avoid harsh detergents or abrasives.

You should wipe down your electric fireplace exterior with your damp cloth, making sure to remove any dust or other types of buildups from:

  1. There is a higher chance of dust gathering in the ember bed of the firebox when using the fireplace.
  1. Electric fireplace heater inlet and outlet.
  1. In some electric fireplaces, the ember bed is enclosed behind a door or screen; in others, it is open to the air.

Tip – Before wiping it down with a cloth, vacuum to remove any excess dust.

Keeping your electric fireplace safe requires you to periodically clean the inlet and outlet of the heater to remove any accumulated dust.

A heater is located at the base of your electric fireplace. The air in the room is heated through a fan-forced system that blows air over a heating element.

An electric fireplace heater may overheat and shut off if the air is blocked from entering or leaving.

Cleaning the Outside & Inside Glass of the Electric Fireplace 

An electric fireplace often comes with a screen in front of it so that you can see the flame effects.

While the rest of an electric fireplace’s body can be manufactured from plastic or metal, its screen is usually glass.

So, what is the most effective way to clean the glass of an electric fireplace?

A damp cloth should be used to clean the screen of an electric fireplace, as you have used for cleaning the rest of the fireplace.

An electric fireplace has no real fire, so the glass shouldn’t be stained.

The screen may need to be removed if there is dust on the inside of the glass on an electric fireplace.

Here is a reference video on how to do the above:

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning an Electric Fireplace

Cleaning Interior Parts of Electric Fireplace

The electric fireplace has a lot of electrical components, so it isn’t recommended to open it up. However, it may be necessary to clean the heater blower or flame effect components if dust has built up, creating a need to clean the heater.

When cleaning the inside of an electric fireplace, you shouldn’t use a damp cloth.

The following can be used to clean dust from an electric fireplace’s interior:

  1. Dry cloths, such as microfibers.
  1. Vacuums.

An electric fireplace has two main compartments: one containing the heater and the other containing the flame effect.

If the blower has dust, use a microfiber cloth or vacuum. Make sure not to damage the blower in the process.

Various components are used in flame effects, including a motorized rod with mirrors attached and a light source such as an LED strip or halogen bulb.

You should clean the mirrors and the light source if there is any dust on them and in case they are reachable.

Using a vacuum will remove most dust from the ember bed. You can then clean up any remaining dust with a dry microfiber cloth.


Can you use Cloth Steamer on your Electric Fireplace?

A cloth steamer should not be used on an electric fireplace. Using cloth steamers on electronic devices such as electric fireplaces is not safe. 

They are designed for use on fabrics, not on electronic devices. Steam can enter the fireplace, damage electrical components, and cause it to distort or fade the exterior. 

You should instead focus on cleaning the exterior surfaces of the electric fireplace with a soft-bristled brush, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, and a microfiber or soft cotton cloth.

Can you Use a Vacuum on Electric Fireplace Glass?

You shouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner on electric fireplace glass. Using a vacuum cleaner can create suction that can damage the gasket around the glass or pull the glass off its mounting clips. 

Furthermore, a rough vacuum cleaner attachment or nozzle can scratch or damage the glass. 

To clean your fireplace’s glass, wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth or cotton cloth and a glass cleaner made especially for use on fireplaces. 

By doing this, you can ensure that the glass remains in optimal condition and operates as intended.

Can you Use Vinegar to Clean Electric Fireplace Glass?

Electric fireplace glass should not be cleaned with vinegar since vinegar is an acidic substance that may damage the glass surface. 

Glass can become cloudy or pitted if it is exposed to acidic substances. The proper way to clean fireplace glass is to use a glass cleaner designed specifically for fireplaces or warm water mixed with mild dish soap. 

Wipe the glass gently with a soft microfiber or cotton cloth soaked in the solution. As a result, the glass will remain in pristine condition and continue to function correctly.


Before you leave, go through these lines…

Electric fireplaces don’t need regular cleaning. However, be aware of what you can use to clean it whenever needed.

Remember the steps for cleaning your electric fireplace otherwise, you might end up damaging yourself or your model.

That’s all for today! Follow us for more helpful and informative articles!

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