Furrion RV Fireplace Troubleshooting (QUICK FIX)

Furrion RV Fireplace Troubleshooting 

Furrion RV Fireplace(s) seldom trouble their owners as they are known for their quality and standards. No doubt they are best rv electric fireplaces but, like other RV Fireplaces, they are also not immune to some errors and issues.

In this article, I will not only highlight the most common troubleshooting of Furrion RV Fireplaces but provide the solution for each one of them. Make sure you stick till the very end to resolve all issues of your Furrion RV Fireplace. 

Let’s just dive in!

Furrion Fireplace Turns On by Itself 

It is important to note that if your Furrion electric fireplace turns on by itself, the thermostat is the most likely culprit to blame. A thermostat turns on automatically when the room temperature drops below a comparatively set temperature.

Moreover, short-circuited wiring caused by a faulty power supply may cause this problem. There are times when a malfunctioning remote control will light the fireplace automatically. This might have been due to a stuck button, a dead battery, or a defective remote interface. 

To solve this issue, here are the most effective methods:


  • The major factor in thermostat temperature should be checked first. The thermostat temperature should be set as low as possible if the room temperature falls below. It is important that both settings are coherent.
  • Afterward, check for any faults with the remote by replacing the batteries. If there are any, get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • In addition, make sure the power supply does not have any defects like faulty switches, circuit boards, or wires.
  • The final step is to check all the visible wires on your Furrion RV fireplace. All worn-out, burnt-out wires must be replaced or repaired so that the remote interface and the fireplace receiver do not miscommunicate and fail. 

It’s time to replace remote control of Furrion Electric Fireplace, if none of the solutions work.

Furrion Fireplace Won’t Turn On

There are several reasons your Furrion RV electric fireplace doesn’t show power. There may be an issue with the outlet where the fireplace is connected. 

Furrion fireplaces may not turn on if there is not enough power available. Your Furrion RV fireplace won’t work if there are faulty wires, tripped circuit breakers, or damaged electronic components.

Don’t get panicked if this happens to you. You just need to follow the steps I suggest and go through them with me. You will definitely be able to solve your problem after that. 


  • The first step is to connect the fireplace to a working wall socket or outlet that provides enough power. Verify that the outlet is fully functional.
  • You can now turn on the fireplace. Still, if the fireplace does not turn on, it is the fireplace that is faulty. 
  • Wires should be checked all the way around. In the event that they are faulty or damaged, replace them. Make sure all the wires are tightly connected.
  • You should also ensure that your fireplace is situated in an area that is free of obstructions. 
  • Inspect the fireplace and clean out any components that need to be cleaned.
  • Last, but not least, make sure the circuit breaker is working. Fix tripped switches if there are any. 

Furrion RV Fireplace Not Heating 

In Furrion RV fireplaces, it is also the most prevalent problem. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors.

It is most likely that the heating elements are defective. It is also possible for such issues to arise when the thermostat settings are incorrect or the thermostat itself is faulty.

 A blocked air vent or a lack of air causes the unit to overheat. This will trigger the safety protector and immediately shut off the heating elements. In any case, here are some straightforward ways to prevent this problem:


  • It is important to start by cleaning. Ensure that the unit’s inlet and outlet are free of obstructions.
  • Make sure the air vents are free of debris for fluent and ample airflow.
  • The second step is to check the thermostat. The temperature should be set higher than the current room temperature. In addition, be sure to check if it’s functioning. If not, inspect it and make sure the inside is clean.
  • Now, check that the combustion blower is working well as well as all the heating elements inside the fireplace. Replacement(s) may be needed for burnt-out elements.
  • Lastly, turn off the safety protector by resetting the fireplace.
Troubleshooting Furrion RV Fireplace
Furrion RV Fireplace

Furrion RV Fireplace keeps Turning Off 

Several major reasons may be behind your Furrion electric fireplace shutting off, such as:

  1. Overheating has occurred with your unit
  2. A mistake has been made in setting the thermostat temperature for the fireplace
  3. The fireplace outlet or inlet is blocked
  4. The heating elements are clogged.

Don’t worry. Below, I have listed the fixing methods.


Here are a few solutions to keep your Furrion RV fireplace on:

  • The venting system of your unit needs to be checked. You should always place your fireplace in a confined space, free of obstructions and obstacles.
  • The next thing you need to do is examine the inlet and outlet of the heating area. If there are clogs, remove them.
  • Be sure to also remember the heater. Clean it properly and make sure no debris is present.
  • An overheating protection mode can be enabled on them. You might want to turn your fireplace off for a while and then turn it back on.
  • Make sure that the thermostat is set higher than the room temperature to ensure that it does not malfunction.  

Furrion Fireplace Remote is Not Working 

Prior to finding the solution facts for the malfunctioning fireplace remote, you have to determine what caused the problem. There are many common reasons for this. Here are a few to check out:

  1. Having a dead battery (or batteries),
  2. There is a problem with the battery buttons,
  3. The power button isn’t working,
  4. A problem with the programming or incorrect programming of your fireplace,
  5. There are radio frequencies that interfere

In many cases, it is better to replace the whole remote control. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to try out some practical steps first:


  • The area around the batteries should be inspected before a new battery is installed. There needs to be a thorough cleaning of the area. 
  • After that, change the batteries in the remote control. Remotes will malfunction if they have dead batteries.
  • Make sure the fireplace’s power supply is also working. Go to the next step if everything seems to be in order.
  • Ensure that you are 20 feet away from the fireplace when operating the remote control. Signals won’t be received otherwise by the fireplace.
  • You should also check if the internal wires of the remote are intact and if there is no loosening or damage.
  • Replacing the remote control with a new one is the final step if all the above steps fail.

It’s time to replace remote control of Furrion Electric Fireplace, if none of the solutions work.

Furrion Fireplace Remote Flashing Red Light

The Furrion RV fireplace(s) sometimes flash a red light when you try to turn it on. The phenomenon is common to all electric fireplaces. It is likely the problem will start if the ventilation system has any obstructions.

You will also face this problem if your Furrion fireplace proximity sensor is malfunctioning. You can fix the issue by following the steps below.


  • To begin with, turn off the fireplace and remove the plug.
  • After that, you should check the sensor on the fireplace. Your electric fireplace’s sensors are located in the upper left corner.
  • The mesh wires around the sensor must be cut and removed. 
  • Next, remove the fireplace’s air chamber. In order to clean the sensor lenses, blow air into them to remove any debris. When a sensor is blocked, the unit goes into protection mode.
  • A minimum of six inches should be left between an air vent and any barriers.
  • Put the unit back together and plug it in.
  • You should be able to fix your problem when you turn on the fireplace.
  • And if nothing works, you will need to contact the Furrion fireplace manufacturer for help.  

Furrion Fireplace Error Codes 88

Overheating is the number one reason why the Furrion RV fireplace blinks 88 in the display. The fireplace displays the same code constantly when the blower fans become overheated. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue. 


  • The first thing you should do is inspect the fireplace’s inlet and outlet areas. Make sure enough air flows through them by removing all the dirt that is clogging them up.
  • The fireplace must now be turned off and unplugged from the wall. 
  • Wait 20-25 minutes for the circuit board to reset on its own.
  • These factors all contribute to the fireplace cooling down and potentially triggering overheating.
  • The fireplace must then be plugged in and turned on. I hope you won’t see that annoying error code again.
  • If the error code still appears, contact your manufacturer or an electrician for support. 


Why is Furrion RV Fireplace Blinking?

Your Furrion RV fireplace keeps blinking due to the error code 88 which displays because of the blower fan overheating. To make it stop clean the inlets and outlets and replug your fireplace after half an hour. 

How to Reset Furrion RV Fireplace?

You must first turn off your electric fireplace in order to reset it. Let it sit for about 20-30 minutes without being plugged in. Plug in and turn on the fireplace after that period. A reset is successfully performed on your fireplace. 

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