7 Best RV Electric Fireplace 2023 [Perfect For Campers]

Best RV Electric Fireplace

In addition to being popular in homes, electric fireplaces are now finding their way into RVs.

Whether full-timers or part-timers, they love installing an RV fireplace in their travel trailer.

The question is, which is the best electric fireplace for your RV?

Worry not, I will provide you a detailed review of the 7 best RV electric fireplaces for 2023, along with detailed information about safety features to check out before buying one, the area they heat, the power they consume, and so much more in this article.

Keep reading to find out everything! 

Let’s begin!

List of Best RV Electric Fireplace

After talking to owners of RVs and surfing a lot over forums, I made a list to help you find the best RV electric fireplace models.

Valuxhome Electric Fireplace

Key Points –

  1. Heats up to 400 sq. ft of the area perfectly,
  2. Comes in black
  3. W × D × H is 33 × 8.84 × 24.7 inches,
  4. Can be plugged in using a 120V outlet,
  5. Assists you with remote control,
  6. Weighs 51.7 pounds, with 1500 watts,

Valuxhome Electric Fireplace is easy to install and does not test your patience while at it. This can be operated with or without heat. This fireplace would look very sober in your RV. 

I met an RV owner who has this model installed in his RV. He stated,” I prefer electric fireplaces in RV as they don’t emit any gases, and Valuxhome, RW Flame is what I suggest to others.”

Electric Fireplace in RV

It does not compromise on safety and is an excellent addition to the ambiance of any room it goes to, without consuming much space of the room as well.

This model uses LED flame technology to provide brightness adjustment options for fancy, has a life-like resin log, an ember bed, and even atmosphere light in 3 colors.

Indeed, the brand has made this model the complete package of awesomeness. 

Cause of all these, the Valuxhome electric fireplace is the best RV fireplace.

Camper Comfort Mini Ceramic Electric Fireplace

Key points –

  1. Sufficiently heats a medium-sized room (max. Upto 450 sq. ft),
  2. Available in red and black colors,
  3. W x D x H is 10.8 x 6 x 13.38 inches,
  4. Heat output of 5000 BTU with 3D flame effects,
  5. Overheat protection and easy portability.

This Camper Zone Mini electric fireplace has earned its way on the list. 

It is becoming popular because it is small and works great as a tabletop fireplace space heater. Also, the reviews about this model highlight how fast it can heat your RV whilst having an overheating sensor to ensure protection and safety.  

The 3D flame effect offers the most realistic flames to the users while providing the option of using the flames with or without heat. This portable RV fireplace provides great overheating protection and a cool-to-touch body, taking its safety to another level. 

This portable fireplace is really a great way to heat an RV, living room, or office. Overall, it is one of the best RV fireplaces on our list. 

PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert

Key Points – 

  1. Heats 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. The model is powder-coated,
  3. W × D × H is 35.04 × 8.78 × 26.96 inches
  4. Can be inserted/plugged in under a 120V outlet,
  5. Provided with remote control,
  6. Weighs 47.6 pounds, with 1500 watts

PuraFlame Klaus is a favorite for many travel trailers due to its realistic flames and aesthetic look. You can use this as a freestanding or wall-mounted electric fireplace

Starting with its easy-to-adjust brightness settings and 3 flame settings used either with or without heat while saving energy 100% by its LED flame technology make this model unique.

This model’s life-like resin log above its ember bed makes it look like a wood fireplace. 

Its design comprises a glass door mesh screen and an interior brick wall. It is free from dust and ashes, requiring minimum checkups.

You can install this model without hassle and enjoy its heat and cozy atmosphere.

TURBO Firelake 27-Inch Freestanding Electric Fireplace

Key Points-

  1. Perfectly heats up to 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Comes in black walnut color,
  3. W x D x H is 24 x 11.5 x 27 inches,
  4. Cool-to-touch body with overheating protection,
  5. Heat output of 4780 BTUs with 6 flame color options.

TURBO Fireflake portable electric fireplace comes in a modern and classy combination. It is a small RV fireplace with powerful features and a sturdy design.

With adjustable temperature from 62-82°F and a 6-hour timer function, it helps you run the heater as smoothly and as you like. The way the flames dance in this model, you will surely experience the realism of flames like never before. The feature that sets this model apart is 6 flame color options, and you can even run a cycle of them. 

This model provides beauty through everything and can be operated without heat, too! With its great overheating protection, you can rest assured that your kids or pets are running all over the house. The fireplace is perfect enough to rock your living room, bedroom, and dining room. 

We also call it a small glass fireplace as it has three-sided glass, which ensures that your family is in to enjoy a cozy, warm, and pleasing atmosphere.

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert

Key Points –

  1. Heats 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Comes with a glass finish,
  3. L × W × H is 6.5 × 23.57 × 27 inches,
  4. Can be plugged in, uses a 120V outlet,
  5. Comes with remote control,
  6. Weighs 42.6 pounds, with 1500 watts

This model with the above features also has a touchscreen control on its front panel! This feature makes this model different from all others.

With burning and flame controls having 3 options each, it also has 5 flame speed modes and 5 brightness levels for adjusting flames. This model has too much to offer.

Yet the best feature this model has is its unique automatic design (the color of the flame and the brightness get automatically changed) and its sleep mode.

It saves energy using LED technology while having the option to be operated with or without heat.

Its design makes this model an additional aesthetic to your room and is very strong in turn and completely safe to operate. Also this model is one of the best pick for apartments.

Install the fireplace in the RV and make your life more cozy 

Della 26″ 3D Electric Fireplace (Portable RV Electric Fireplace)

Key Points –

  1. Suitable for heating 400 sq. ft of area,
  2. Comes in color black,
  3. W × D × H is 24 × 5 × 18.11 inches,
  4. Can be plugged in, uses a 115V outlet,
  5. Provided with remote control,
  6. Weighs only 16.8 pounds, with 1400 watts.

Della 23″ RV fireplace is an enhancer of the aesthetic of your room and is easy to transport. 

This model shuts itself off automatically due to its overheating safety protection feature. The size of this model makes it the cutest and unique in terms of placement.

It can go anywhere from TV stands to sideboards to your valued bookshelves. Installing and powering this fireplace and adjusting or resetting its heat settings is easy.

It is also called a 3D infrared quartz electric fireplace, as it uses infrared radiation for heating, which maintains the humidity of your space while making you cozy and comfortable.  

In short, we can say that this model is the handiest of all and works with extreme care and efficiency.

You would not want to lose the option of having such a cute RV electric fireplace, would you?

Furrion 26” Curved Glass RV Electric Fireplace (For Small Place)

Key Points –

  1. Heats 500 sq. ft of area,
  2. Is it the black color,
  3. L × W × H is 27.3 × 8.5 × 21.6 inches,
  4. Can be plugged in using a 110-120V outlet,
  5. You are provided with remote control,
  6. Weighs 27 pounds, with 1500 watts.

This 26 RV Electric Fireplace is a small, simplistic fireplace for RVs. 

In addition to the above-mentioned features, this model provides safety measures, such as its overheating safety cut-off feature.

4 different flame effect settings, 3 heat settings, and many other settings, such as settings in temperature, timer, proximity sensor, etc., are included in this model, which makes it usable in ways you wish.

You don’t have to scratch your head to get yourself through its installation and get your room a pleasing aesthetic. Operating and installing this particular model is a piece of cake.

All that remains now is for you to place an order for this model to bless yourself with a great RV electric fireplace.

5 Features to Check While Buying RV Electric Fireplace 

There are multiple features in RV electric fireplaces, but these are the 5 features you need to check while buying your fireplace to an RV. 

Type of Heater: Fan or Infrared 

One important feature is the type of heater it uses, whether an infrared or a fan-forced heater.

Electric fireplaces use either fan-forced heaters or infrared heaters. Fan-forced heaters distribute heat by blowing air over heating elements, while infrared heaters emit infrared rays that directly heat objects. 

The choice depends on your preferences and heating needs, but both types have advantages.


Using an RV electric fireplace safely is one of the most important aspects of the experience. When selecting your model, you should pay attention to features such as overheating protection and tip-over shutoff. 

A fireplace is automatically shut off if its overheating protection detects that the temperature of the fireplace has reached an unsafe level. The tip-over shut-off turns off the unit if it is unintentionally knocked over, minimizing the risk of fire or injury from the unit being knocked over. 

As a result of these safety features, you will be able to enjoy the use of the electric fireplace in your RV with peace of mind.

Freestanding or RV Fireplace Insert Unit

The choice of getting a freestanding or fireplace insert depends on your preferences. An insert fits only in a specific space, such as an existing fireplace opening, while a freestanding unit is self-contained and can be placed anywhere in the RV. 

If you are unsure which option is right for you, consider the space in your RV and the installation requirements. You should choose a freestanding electric fireplace if you are concerned about portability and mobility within or outside your RV. Transporting these units is generally easier and lighter. 

However, the fireplace inserts are more permanent and may require professional installation or modifications before they can be used. 

Flames Only Mode

When choosing your ideal electric fireplaces for RVs, choose a model with a Flames Only mode that features more real flame effects so that you can enjoy the flickering fire without the heat. Make sure the flames of your unit resemble the flames of a real fire as closely as possible. 

Your RV’s flames should be adjustable in brightness and intensity to create the atmosphere you desire. This feature allows you to enjoy the flame effects even if you don’t need additional warmth. You should look for an RV electric fireplace that allows you to customize the Flames Only setting. 

Several features could be included here, such as an adjustable flame speed, flame color options, or the ability to choose different patterns for the flame. You can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your trailer by personalizing the flame effects.

Adjustable Thermostat to Control Temperature

It is important to check the temperature range offered by the adjustable thermostat. You should ensure it covers your RV’s desired temperature range. Choosing a unit that allows you to adjust the temperature based on climate conditions and personal preferences is always good. 

The thermostat should be verified for accuracy and precision. It should be able to maintain the set temperature consistently without experiencing significant fluctuations. Choose models with reliable temperature sensors and advanced thermostat technology to ensure precise temperature control inside your RV. 

A digital electric fireplace with an adjustable thermostat and a user-friendly display is one option you should consider. A clear and intuitive display can set and monitor the temperature more easily. You can adjust the temperature anywhere within the RV with the help of convenient control buttons or remote control.

How Does Electric Fireplace Works to Heat the Travel Trailer?

RV fireplaces are essentially space heaters equipped with realistic faux flames for ambiance. LED lights and rotating metal reflectors are used in electric fireplaces to produce this realistic flame effect. A crackling fire is created by flickering lights coming from the reflector. 

In most RV fireplaces, cool air is passed over a heating element to heat your camper. The heated air is pushed out by the fan after it has been heated. Therefore, no fuel needs to be burned, and no byproducts need to be vented. With just one plug and a switch, you’re ready to go!

An electric RV fireplace is safer and cleaner than a wood-burning fireplace. This is especially true in small spaces like RVs. To conclude, electric fireplaces in an RV are a package deal, bringing warmth, coziness, and safety all in all!

Are RV Electric Fireplaces Gas or Electric? Which is Safe in Campers? 

The primary fuel source for RV electric fireplaces is electricity, not gas. Electricity is required to power your fireplace through a dedicated connection or plug into an RV’s power source.

It is generally considered safer to use an electric fireplace in a camper than a gas fireplace for several reasons:

  1. There is no combustible fuel:
    There is no need to use combustible fuel with electric fireplaces, such as propane or natural gas. As a result, there is no risk of gas leaks or explosions, which can be dangerous in confined spaces like RVs.
  2. There are no open flames:
    LED lights and projection technology enable electric fireplaces to create realistic flame effects without using open flames. By doing this, the electric fireplace poses a significantly reduced fire risk.
  3. Features that ensure safety:
    Several safety features are built into RV electric fireplaces, such as automatic shutoff and overheat protection. Overheating is prevented, and damage is minimized with these safety mechanisms.
  4. The operation is ventless:
    It is common for electric fireplaces to be ventless, which means they do not require a chimney or ventilation system. As a result, there is no need for complex installation, and the RV interior is not polluted with harmful combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide.

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines for the proper installation and use of electric fireplaces. Your RV’s electrical system must be maintained and inspected regularly for continued safety.

Since electric fireplaces lack open flames and have built-in safety features, they are a safer option for campers.

How Much Space Does RV Fireplace Heat? 

Based on the model and features of the RV electric fireplace, the heating capacity and coverage area may vary. A typical RV electric fireplace provides supplemental heat to a specific area within the RV, such as a living room or bedroom, rather than heating the entire unit.

British Thermal Units (BTUs) are often used to measure the heating capacity of RV electric fireplaces. A fireplace with a higher BTU rating will have a greater heating capacity. However, other factors, such as insulation, outside temperature, and RV size/layout, can affect the effective heating range.

The average RV electric fireplace can effectively heat an area of approximately 100 to 250 square feet with a heating capacity of between 4,000 and 6,000 BTUs.

When considering an RV electric fireplace, reviewing the manufacturer’s specifications and product descriptions is important to determine the heating capacity and coverage area. Furthermore, customer reviews and experiences can provide valuable information regarding a specific model’s performance and heating coverage.

How Much Power Do RV Fireplace Needs? 

Depending on the specific model and its heating capacity, RV electric fireplaces may require different amounts of power. Electric fireplaces in RVs typically consume between 750 and 1500 watts of power. A fireplace’s wattage rating indicates how much power it consumes when operating efficiently. 

The power consumption may vary based on the selected heat settings, flame effects, and other features. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning electrical requirements and consult a qualified electrician if you have any concerns.

FAQs on RV Electric Fireplace for Campers

Can you Run the RV Electric Fireplace All Night?

In an RV, leaving the fireplace on all night can be dangerous. Keeping it on for a long time or unsupervised can cause a fire since it’s an electric appliance that heats up. It is advisable to turn it off when not in use, just for your safety.

Can you Plug Electric Fireplace into a Regular Outlet?

Installing a separate circuit for electric fireplaces is unnecessary since they can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet.


Lastly, before you leave, please read this…

Before picking your electric fireplace for an RV, be aware of what features you must look for. Also, understand how an RV electric fireplace works and how much area it heats. 

Lastly, know your model’s specifications to provide the right amount of electricity to it and enjoy its warmth the most!

That’s it for this article!

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