Are electric fireplaces safer than space heaters?

Are electric fireplaces safer than space heaters

Electric fireplaces and space heaters can be used in combination with one another. 

Electric fireplaces tend to be safer than space heaters as these are not environment friendly and expose us to fire hazards. 

They also have a negligible probability of being dangerous when kept around.

This article will clarify all the differences and concepts regarding electric fireplaces and space heaters.

Are Space heaters the same as Electric fireplaces?

No, space heaters and electric fireplaces are not the same. 

Space heaters are more compact than electric fireplaces. 

Space heaters and electric fireplaces can be considered the same as they both operate on electricity. Still, their look differs from one another as the design of space heaters is to highlight flame effects. 

Maintenance costs, ambiance, safety levels, installation difficulties, heat levels, and control levels are the factors that make a difference between space heaters and electric fireplaces.

Space Heater kept on

Electric Fireplace vs. Space Heaters 

Electric fireplaces do not require venting, whereas space heaters do. 

Electric fireplaces do not create any real flames(protecting your precious furniture of yours). They are safer than space heaters.

Space heaters are a better option than electric fireplaces for heating small spaces. 

Space heaters are reported highly regarding accidental fires and deaths, making manufacturers make tremendous efforts to increase their safety. 

Electric fireplaces guarantee healthy and clean air (without dust/allergy particles), which space heaters cannot. 

Electric fireplaces provide more ‘safety to touch, whereas the hot outer coating of space heaters poses threats to kids and even pets which could lead to injuries.

Due to their size, electric fireplaces have less chance of being misused than that space heaters as electric fireplaces have more than enough space on both their sides. 

Is Electric Fireplace safe than Space Heaters? 

Yes, Electric Fireplaces, as compared to space heaters, are indeed safer. 

They do not produce real fire by their flames, so all objects and even the furniture do not face the risk of being harmed at all.

The gas, carbon monoxide released by space heaters units operating on kerosene, is not removed by any of the electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces’ safety enables them to be kept around your pets and kids without worrying about any mishap that could take place.

Electric fireplaces also get noticed for safety as they operate at low temperatures. They are at the very top regarding matters of safety.

Electric Fireplace kept on

Safety Advice for Electric Fireplace 

The below tips are the ultimate boosters for the safety of your electric fireplace. They are –

  1. To avoid getting exposed to overheating and, ultimately, fires, make sure you never use an extension cord for your electric fireplace.
  1. The circuit for plugging your electric fireplace should differ from those used for your other appliances.
  1. Do not leave your electric fireplace unattended. Make sure you shut it off rather than leaving it alone for any time. 
  1. Surroundings such as bathrooms are unsuitable for electric fireplaces as they risk safety.
  1. Electric fireplaces are built for indoor usage only, so make sure you stick to that note and frequently check everything related to your electric fireplace to be optimally safe. 


Electric fireplaces, in general, tend to be safer than space heaters. They differ in their look from space heaters and succeed in providing more ambiance to your room as well. 

Their safety, already being super high, can surprisingly be raised further.

All in all, electric fireplaces are easily more safe than space heaters.

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