Why does my Gas Fireplace Keeps Going Out? [Fixed]

Gas Fireplace Keeps Going Out, Gas Fireplace Shuts off

Are you as frustrated as I am because your gas fireplace keeps turning off?

This is a common problem for people who own a fireplace. If it won’t light, it’s likely due to a problem with one or more of the ignition assembly’s components. To be honest, attempting to repair them yourself can be inconvenient and frightening.

To make this issue less troubling, we’ll go over it in depth and show you how to fix a gas fireplace that keeps turning off.

Which Parts to Check when Gas Fireplace keeps Going Out? 

If your fireplace won’t turn on, it’s most likely due to a problem with one of the several basic components of the ignition assembly.

The following are the basic components of a gas fireplace:

  •  Pilot Light
  • Thermocouple
  • Thermopile
  • Oxypilot

The first thing to look for is the pilot light. It is one of the most common causes of this problem and one of the simplest to fix. If the pilot light is not lit, this is most likely the source of the problem.

Pilot Light Problems  

The pilot light is the small blue flame that ignites when a key or switch is turned on. The flame should come into contact with the sensors that surround it. These sensors are the thermocouple and thermopile, which will be discussed further below.

For now, know that If there is a problem with the pilot light, all you need to do to fix it may be replace the fireplace thermocouple. The problem occurs because it is possible that this component has failed or is simply worn out from prolonged use.

Troubleshooting gas pilot light, problems of gas fireplace pilot light
Problems with Pilot Light

If the problem isn’t with the thermocouple, the problem is likely with a thermopile.

NOTE: A fully yellow or red flame in a pilot light indicates that the gas is contaminated.

Gas Fireplace keeps going out, but Pilot stays on

I once had a problem where the pilot light stayed lit, but the gas fireplace continued to burn out; if this happens, it is most likely due to a problem with your thermopile.

This component converts heat to electricity, allowing the gas valve to open.


The thermocouple is a thermometer sensor that measures gas flow and is responsible for supplying gas to the pilot light via the valve. It is made up of two wires with different metals at both ends. One junction is set to the temperature to be measured, while the other is set to a lower temperature.

Basically, it is used to monitor the temperature.


This component controls the amount of gas delivered to the fireplace. When the fireplace is turned on, the thermopile opens this gas valve.

Note: A thermopile is essential to keeping your fireplace going, but it can also develop serious carbon deposits over time.

Issues with Oxypilot 

The purpose of an oxypilot is to put out a gas fire if there is insufficient oxygen in the room. A problem with the component can be very dangerous because it is designed to protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning if the air in a room becomes vitiated.

If the oxypilot in your gas fireplace becomes clogged with soot or dust, the flame will lift away from the thermocouple/ sensing.

Why does Gas Fireplace Shut off after 30 minutes

There could be several reasons for this, but the most common is a faulty or dirty pilot, which is the primary cause of your gas fireplace going out frequently.

Because dust, dirt, and debris clog it, the fireplace is frequently turned off. Hence Clean and remove any dirt, dust, or foreign objects from the pilot light and ensure that there is enough gas flow and that it is not interrupted.

Another possibility is that the thermopile or switch that controls the fireplace is defective.

When to Call a Professional 

Cleaning the pilot light, oxypilot, thermopile, or thermocouple can often resolve the problem. However, if this appears to be a recurring problem, and gas is a hazardous substance, it is often best to seek the assistance of trained professionals if you continue to experience problems with your gas fireplace going out. 

You should never attempt to maintain your gas fireplace unless you are completely confident. When in doubt, hire a professional to do the job.


The gist of this article is that most gas fireplaces that keep going out are caused by one of their basic components and can be quickly repaired.

Keep the components clean and maintained to avoid such problems and enjoy the fireplace’s warmth on these cold days.

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