Can You Put an Electric Fireplace on the Carpet? [YES or NO]

Can You Put an Electric Fireplace on the Carpet

The budget-friendly and easy-to-install electrical fireplaces run on electricity and not on fuels, unlike traditional fireplaces.

Imagine your apartment with an electric fireplace and your favorite carpet paired together! Ideal, right?

Putting an Electric Fireplace on the Carpet?

Yes! You can put an electric fireplace on the carpet if you take care of some things beforehand. 

Firstly, you will have to read the owner’s manual as it would be mentioned in there whether the electric fireplace you have in mind is suitable for placing it on the carpet or not.

As long as your floor is of hardwood or stones, the electric fireplace is safe on the carpet.

Is Electric Fireplace Safe to use on Carpets?

Yes, it can be safe to use an electric fireplace on carpets. 

There are some considerations that you especially need to pay attention to, such as – 

  1. Flammable objects, curtains, and textiles should at least have 1 meter of distance from the air outlet of the electric fireplace you set up on your carpet.
  2. Ensure no conditions are mentioned in the warranty card before placing your electric fireplace on the carpet.
  3. If no specifications about placing your electric fireplace on the carpet are mentioned in the warranty card, you need to sweep the carpet before placing the electric fireplace entirely. 
  4. Using a leveler (if required) as well as carpet-specified adhesive ensures maximum safety of your electric fireplace on the carpet.  

Things to Remember while Putting Electric Fireplace on Carpet 

To avoid any damage, you have to ensure that the inlet and the heater outlet are not blocked by the carpet you want to place your electric fireplace on. 

Inlets that have been blocked to the heater will cease the circulation of heated air. 

Plugs of 120-Volts grounded for protection are used by most electric fireplaces; almost all homes meet this outlet requirement.

Thoroughly go through the warranty, as it’s mentioned in there whether you should place electric fireplaces on carpets or raised platforms.

Running the electrical cord under carpeting is a big no! The electrical cord is not to be covered by runners, throw rugs, or even materials similar to those. The electrical cord’s arrangement is meant to be away from the traffic, where it won’t be tipped over.

Do Electric Fireplaces require a Hearth?

Hearths serve as a wall between fire and the floor for electric fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces don’t necessarily require a hearth. If a hearth is required, it would be mentioned by the electric fireplace‚Äôs manufacturer. 

The simple reason that an electric fireplace does not require a hearth is it doesn’t produce real fire or flames. 

Although depending on your preference and mostly on your budget, you can opt for a hearth as it is something that gives your electric fireplace the most realistic look.

Should I place Hearth Pad under the fireplace? 

Hearth pads, made to protect floors and walls from intense heat, are placed underneath gas stoves, pellets and wood.

Although hearth pads enhance the realism of electric fireplaces, they are not mandatorily required under the electric fireplaces as electric fireplaces do not come under solid appliances which burn fuel.

How far off the floor an Electric Fireplace should be kept?

Electric fireplaces should be raised above the floor between 10-12 inches. The range will increase if the electric fireplace is placed in the bedroom.  

The minimum distance of Clearance to combustibles from the floor has to be around 13 3/4th inches, whereas, from the front, it has to be around 36 inches while placing your electric fireplace off the floor.


Electric fireplaces have complete safety when placed on the carpet once the precautions are taken.

Once you have gone through the owner’s manual, you become aware of all the to-do and not-to-do things with your electric fireplace.

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