Can you Paint an Electric Fireplace? [Guide 2022]

Can you Paint an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are suitable to sit around almost all the locations in your house and can be integrated into pieces of furniture such as TVs as well as mantels.

While the actual electric fireplace you have bought cant be painted, its surroundings can be painted(depending on its materials). 

Thus, you can match your electric fireplace with your home decor.

Can you Paint an Electric Fireplace?

As mentioned, you can’t paint your electric fireplace; its surroundings can be painted.

Because electric fireplaces function differently than other fireplaces, they are not designed to be painted.

If a wooden mantel surrounds your electrical fireplace, you can paint it as you want. 

However, if your electric fireplace is made of plastic, marble, and even metal, you cannot paint it, as electrical fireplaces made of metal surrounds require heat for the paint to stay on the electric fireplace.

Do you need Special paint for an Electric Fireplace?

As painting in general on electric fireplaces depends on its material, Yes! When your surround is made of wood, metal, or plastic, you need specialized paint capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Specific steps are to be followed to ensure a beautiful fireplace surround, including identification of the paint needed for the surface and using a scrub brush and a degreaser to clean your fireplace surround thoroughly. 

Applying primer and also letting it dry while moving ahead. When applying two coats of paint, give each coat time to dry before moving on to the next.

The only exception for not requiring special paint for your electric fireplace is when you use an insert with a glass in front of it and no exposed heating element. 

In this exception, too, it’s also recommended to use high-heat paint.

Can you Chalk Paint an Electric Fireplace? 

Yes! Chalk paint is an option that’s excellent as it hides streaks with the strokes of the brush.

To use chalk paint, you must thoroughly clean all the surfaces you will be painting on. Wiping it off with a semi-wet cloth will ensure the dust goes away.

Also, make sure you use sandpaper(medium-grit) to remove any loose paint and dust particles in the area you want to chalk paint on.

Using sandpaper will ensure adhering the chalk paints very well to the surface.

Painting an Electric Fireplace Mantels

Painting an electric fireplace mantel is an easy and fast process.

The process comprises cleaning your surroundings which means taking care of the dirt and candle wax that the mantels often have in them.

Next is the step of sanding using preferably a 220- grit sandpaper as it has fewer chances of scratching or damaging the wood of your mantel.

You have to look for holes and wood damages that must be patched. 

After you have prepped and sanded your mantel’s surface, wipe everything with a cloth to get rid of the dust.

Finally, use brushes of different sizes for priming and painting your fireplace surrounding.

Painting an Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The electric fireplace TV stands are with Electric Fireplace built into them.

While painting the electric fireplace TV stand, wear gloves, glasses, and a mask.

First, clean the fireplace’s cabinet with a bit of soap and water. Let it dry thoroughly, ensuring no moisture is left on its surface.

Use different brushes for different areas depending on their size for precisely painting them.

Now, painting an electric fireplace TV stand requires two layers of paint. Number one is applying a thin coat of black gesso all over the electric fireplace TV stand and letting it dry for that night. Then add another layer on top of the dried layer.

Finally, use black spray paints, one thin coat of paint over your electric fireplace TV stand. Its to be dried 24 hours or slightly more before using it again.

Painting a Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are an economically great way of heating your home.

Painting fireplace inserts have some steps that are to be followed –

  1. Cleaning it with a rag and warm water.
  2.  Use sandpaper to scrape off any rusting spots.
  3. Covering the actual electric fireplace and mantel with the help of cardboard and using plastic to cover the rest of the furniture and floor.
  4. Spray paint from about 12-18 inches of distance from the stove. Give it time to dry, and apply one more coat of paint for proper coverage.


How long to wait before using a fireplace after painting?

Waiting for a day or two between painting and using your fireplace is ideal. Using the right types of paint as well as allowing it to dry are entirely both equally important. 

Do you need heat-resistant paint for Electric Fireplace?

When you are selecting paint, you need a heat-resistant color. Remember to consider your decor when choosing paint for your fireplace. 

Can you paint an electric metal fireplace?

An electric fireplace cannot be painted by itself. Also, it’s wise not to paint your electric metal fireplace as the paint would not stick due to lack of heat.

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