Whalen Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting (6 Quick Solution)

Whalen Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting

Facing troubleshooting issues with your Whalen electric fireplace? Whether it’s heater not working, error codes or remote control issue, my Whalen Electric Fireplace troubleshooting guide has solution for everything.

It’s complete DIY guide saving you $$$’s of visiting fee. At end you will get easy and durable solutions and fall in love with your Whalen electric fireplace all over again!

Whalen Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting (6 Easy Solutions)

Below mentioned are most common problems your Whalen electric fireplace will face. I have mentioned causes and solutions to all the problems. You can Troubleshoot your electric fireplace with help of our guide at home.

Whalen Electric Fireplace Not Turning On 

This may be one of the most common problems on this list. There are two possible reasons for this.

  • No electricity is flowing to the unit
  • Insufficient power is being supplied to the electric fireplace

It’s not a big deal, there’s an easy fix. All you have to do is follow one of these solutions. 


Install the plug-in: Your fireplace needs to be plugged into an outlet. The power button on the control panel must be pressed once the device has been plugged in. You’ll see your fireplace come to life.

Make sure the voltage is 120 volts: Power outlets with 120 volts are required. Households in the United States usually have the standard power configuration. It should take a little time for your fireplace to start working now. 

Whalen Electric Fireplace Not Heating 

If your Whalen electric fireplace not heating, then room temperature may be the main reason. A power outage or a malfunctioning heater may also be responsible. However, you have to troubleshoot your fireplace to resolve this issue.


  • The temperature sensor detects the room temperature. Ensure the heater temperature is set correctly to make it work. When the room temperature exceeds the temperature set in the thermostat, the heater will come on.
  • In case it still doesn’t work. Repeat the process of turning the heater on and off several times. This way, the system will be rebooted, and your fireplace will start heating again.
  • Check that the toggle switch for the heater is set to “O.” Everything will work fine from here on out.

Error Codes on Whalen Electric Fireplace 

There are a few error codes you should be aware of. It’s scary to see these error codes, but they’re easy to fix. Learn how to handle any Whalen electric fireplace error codes below.  

Flashing Error Code 88 

There have been multiple reports of 88 error code flashing in front of customers’ eyes. There is nothing wrong with your fireplace; you just need to fix the blower fan if it is overheating, and then the error code will disappear from the screen.

The first step is to check your inlets and outlet vents. The airflow cannot cool your fan down if there is an obstruction. 

If this doesn’t work, try turning the fireplace off for 15 to 20 minutes in order to reset the circuit board.

Code Flashing EE

Whenever your heater flashes EE and won’t turn on (In other words, EE with blinking red and blue lights.)

It is important to check the outlet where your unit is plugged in and ensure that it is getting adequate power. Ensure the circuit breaker, light bulb, and fuses are in good condition, if you find anything broken, fix or replace it immediately. 

Also, wipe the fan if it is dirty.

Contact the manufacturer’s customer support center if none of these work.

Error Code 00

If you receive error code 00 while assembling your new Whalen electric fireplace, it means your fireplace is currently in demo mode. Don’t worry, getting it out of demo mode is easy and will help set your fireplace right on track.

To exit demo mode, press and hold the timer button. In my experience, if this doesn’t work, the device may be defective. In that case, ordering just the insert should be the most viable option.

Heater Not Working on Whalen Electric Fireplace 

There are two common problems that cause an electric fireplace not to generate heat. 

Vents, air inlets, and outlets should not be blocked. If the airflow to the heating element is blocked, it won’t be heated, and warm air won’t reach the room. Clear both vents.

Another possible cause is a malfunctioning thermostat. The fireplace heater will not produce heat if the thermostat is set below the room temperature. 

Electric fireplace thermostats help maintain a constant room temperature. The fireplace heater will adjust the heat output automatically to maintain this temperature. It won’t give out heat if the room is over the set temperature. A fireplace thermostat displays the current room temperature and your chosen temperature. 

Simply adjust the thermostat, and ta-da! Problem solved. 

Remote Control Not Working 

Almost every Electric Fireplace these days comes with a remote control.

If your Whalen Electric Fireplace remote is not working, it’s mostly due to dead batteries. 

Remotes cannot function properly with weak or dead batteries. These problems can be resolved by replacing the batteries.

If problem still persists, then you have to get the new remote controls for Whalen electric fireplace.

Replacement of Whalen Electric Fireplace Remote Control

That’s it! Thanks to the remote, You can now control your electric fireplace from your sofa. 

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